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Rocker Hairstyles for Men

 Most of the celebrity rocker hairstyles are long, or at least medium length inspiring millions of people. It is a strong hairstyle for confident people. These hairstyles are low maintenance, always ready to rock. Even if most of men have wavy, thick hair that seems unmanageable, the rocker hairstyle will do the look in any situation. Today’s rockers have different ways to emphasize their personality. Besides the classic long rocker hairstyles, there are mixes of punk and emo hairstyles in different haircuts.


Messy Rocker Hairstyles

Watch: Bryan Singer back for new X-Men

For a messy rocker hairstyle, you need to get a layered haircut. Than tease as much as you can, and make the most edgy looks ever. Of course, stick to the dark shaded hair colors. Bangs and fringes are of course allowed, side swept, teased up or in choppy layers on the forehead. Just make sure it’s long enough and straight. Wavy rocker hairstyles are very rare, but let’s not forget about Russel Brand’s great unique look with his shoulder length wavy haircut and side swept bangs. Teasing your hair is the most important thing in medium rocker hairstyles, so that you can get the volume that you need for the breath taking look. But don’t forget to treat your hair, so that the teasing will less damage your hair.

Long Rocker Hairstyles

For the classic long rocker hairstyles, the single thing you have to do is grow your hair as ong as you can and leave it loose with a middle parting. For a great look, pay attention for your hair care routine, to make sure your hair is healthy. While growing your hair, it will get damaged if not treated properly and when got to the length you wanted to, you’ll need to chop it off. The long rocker hairstyle doesn’t need any additional hair styling products. It is a low maintenance hairstyle for men that provides a mysterious look.

Get Inspired From the Rocker Celebrities

There are many rocker celebrities hairstyles that might help you find the style you want to, though the rocker looks doesn’t differ to much one from each other. Have a look at Nikki Sixx, Russell Brand, Jack White, Dave Navarro and many more. They all have the extra hot looking rock style, featuring different hairstyles. Also, feel free to mix new style into the classic rocker hairstyle, to make your personalized look that matches your personality. Get a rocker hairstyle and make your confident look get the three things a guy needs: fame, girls and fortune.

Trends in Fashion among the Teenagers


The glamour world of fashion is not just based on making some lines and sketches of beautiful designs in the sheet. There is a lot of effort and perseverance that goes into creating a design. In fact many people are surprised when they get to know about the hard work put in to make a brilliant design. With the acceptance of some popular television shows like ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Project Runway’ more glamour has been added to the modelling and fashion industry. Even then, many people are in a quandary whether choosing a career in fashion would prove right for them.

If you are endowed with the right combination of creativity and talent, the fashion world might prove fit for you to exhibit your talents. One of the lesser known truths is that you cannot just stay as a designer if you want to make it big as a great business person. This is the reason the four-year Bachelor’s degree in fashion design is becoming an increasingly sought after commodity or qualification in the fashion industry. A full-time Bachelor’s degree in either Fashion Design or fashion merchandising will unearth the best of one’s wider range of skills that can be put to better use in the various nook and corners of the industry. One might choose to take up designing apparels or organizing fashion shows and coordinating the events. May be you will have the luck of managing your own chain of retail fashion apparel stores.

The comprehensive and much-valued knowledge you are likely to receive at an institute may include hands-on training courses as well as internships apart from the classroom work. The informative lectures will be delivered by practising industry professionals and also by faculty well versed in disciplines such as accounting and business administration. Being a fashion designer, you will not be able to succeed relying purely on your genius and talent. If you do not have the capability or potential strength to address the realities and other practicalities, someone else will occupy your place. One can work one’s way up to become a design assistant, and in due course of time, you will be lifted to the position of a designer. You may also be entrusted with the task of coordinating and planning fashion shows fashion houses.

The typical coursework comprises a variety of interesting subjects ranging from the history of fashion to the way fashion creates an impact on the society. The knowledge-seeker will slowly gain a clear and deep understanding of the different kinds of fabrics, textiles and ornamentation works. In addition to that, they will also have a stint with things such as cutting, sewing and pattern making. One will also be exposed to the promising and growing field of CAD, otherwise called Computer Assisted Design. Different aspects regarding fashion apparel merchandising and sales, accounting factors and latest technology that finds use in the designing of clothes are taught. A valuable course on consumer trends and behaviour is also given thrust to, since it will give you valuable insight into the expectations of potential buyers.


Death Note Lawliet Ryuuzaki Cosplay

If I say Lawliet Ryuuzaki, most of people including me, can not know clearly who he is…. Usually, people accept the name “L” easily; he is the popular star in Death Note anime as a greatest detective.

Lawliet-l-2488624-1024-768.jpgThe first sight with him, I remember, is in the movie, and later, read the anime… its excellent indeed. The more feelings for L are admiration and worship because of his remarkable logical analysis thinking not the ordinary look… J  Forgive my superficial thinking… well, what’s your reaction for him depending on your first impression.

No doubt, Lawliet Ryuuazaki always appears disheveled and langLawliet-1.jpguid, so as to hide his super ability on insight and logical analysis. Facing such an outstanding guy, don’t you want to gratify your vanity to be a great detective? Pick up the valuable chance, Halloween comic convention.

In fact, Death Note Lawliet is one of the easiest roles to act as; especially you’d rather choose a cheapest way to accomplish your comic convention. The simply white T-shirt matches with jean trousers, wow… almost Lawliet outline is shown out… of course, you can’t forget his shaggy hair and, remarkable black eyes… if you add some symbolizing actions into your performance, you’ll be successful. You must know L has several quirks. For example, you can choose the poise crouch rather than sit or standing; has preference in sweet food like desserts and fruits; when L holds a food or something, pay attention to his delicate act; you can suck your finger, hang down the head, and bend your back…

Lawliet’s hair is not so difficult, you think, after viewing the hairdo like Final Fantasy Cloud, Bleach Toushiro Hitsugaya and so on… the black hair both sides drop naturally, and the bang seems a little4442367129_9f4f1fbf55.jpg long to obscure the eyes. It’s easy to do, isn’t it? There is such circumstance that the color of your hair isn’t suitable for him, at the same time, you don’t like to dye, Lawliet wig is a good choice except a little expenses.

Guys, this is an easy and cheap role… even though you haven’t enough money for gorgeous costume, you still can enjoy the cosplay fun being Lawliet Ryuuazaki… I often see someone ask the same question, who is the easiest and cheapest role if going to a comic convention…. Today, I show one of my answers for boys. If you think it’s practical, think about it in your plan….

The True Hijab Philosophy on Islam

Throughout the years of conflict between the “West” and “Islam”, the media has strongly brings the idea to non-Muslims by negative exploitations of Islam, more specifically the “pressure”  Islam put on women. Misconceptions such as, “Are you bald under that hijab?” “Do you go to sleep with that on?” to the association of “terrorism” that contrasts to what Muslim women believe the Hijab represents.

In the Qur’an the hijab is not referred to as a piece of islamic clothing for women, but it’s as a spiritual curtain providing it’s wearer with privacy. The issue of modesty within the Qur’an applies to men and women’s gazes, gaits, garments and genitalia. Women are expected to wear jilbabs (cloaks) in public to prevent them from harm. Muslim women are required to wear the hijab in front of any man whom they could theoretically marry. Therefore it does not have to be worn in front of fathers, brothers, grandfathers, uncles or young children. It is also not compulsory to wear the garment in front of another Muslim woman.

This philosophy is a bit different from Western society fashion traditions, where the majority of fashion industry designer designed a new clothing design that embrace specific part of woman body, the pothographer that took picture to expose the beauty of some part of woman body in that clothes, and ended with ideas for woman that said “beauty is about sexiness”, then go after Muslim women and clearly stated that Muslim women was always under pressure by men. This is a bit bitter to realize the fact that man holds the sex majority on fashion industry.

This fact then lead to another misconception, that “Muslim women have no right in Islam”. Islam gave women rights over 1400 years ago, which is still ignored by many Muslims and non-Muslims today. Firstly, Islam has given women the basic right to freedom of speech. In the early days of Islam, the leaders of the Islamic state regarding legal issues consulted women. Rights that were appointed to Muslim women since the beginning of time are only just surfacing for non-Muslims. In Islam, a woman is free to be whom she is inside, and protected from being portrayed as a sex symbol and lusted after. Islam praises the status of a woman by commanding that she “enjoys equal rights to those of man in everything, she stands on an equal footing with man” (Qur’an, Nadvi: 11) and both share mutual rights and obligations in all aspects of life.

Of course there are some cases where the women are forced to wear it, but that is not the norm. Some women choose to cover up even more for they feel that it might bring them more obedient to God, as a quote from the Qur’an in Surah 2: 26 states:
“And for women has rights over men, similar to those of men over women.”

Sexy Sleek Looking Skin Tight Jeans

Sexy skin tight jeans, whether you are a fan or not it is the hottest jeans in town! Tight jeans have been popular since the 1980’s, back then it was the fashion norm among the teens. Wearing tight skin tight jeans were the early Mod scene and very popular to both men and women especially among the youth culture fashions.

It came across America on the account of the Rock ’n’ Roll boom during the 1950’s. Elvis the king of rock ‘n’ roll shocked the country by donning tight jeans while showing off his famous gyrating moves. The skin tight jeans gave opportunity to people with ‘bulging packages’ to show off their assets. Men especially those who plays in rock bands are great fans of skin tight jeans giving them the impression of the ‘bad boy’ image such as the Rolling Stones and other popular heavy metal bands particularly thrash scene bands like Megadeath, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica.

Skin tight jeans are also known in the early years in other terms such as skinny jeans, skinny pants, cigarette pants, slimjims, carrot leg pants, pencil pants, drainpipes, tapered pants, peg leg pants, ice cream cone pants and old school hood jeans.

Tight jeans have started to gain currency and the new concept of this denim is rather brave when it comes to the men’s fashion. Skin tight jeans come long and lean and as tight as you may like. Blue denim jeans have always been the most popular tones but today color fashion of tight jeans are available with the coolest and hippest undertones.

Skin tight jeans are so tight it hugs the legs and a shape the bottoms of the person wearing the jeans appearing like it’s almost a second skin. Women are so much into tight jeans, making skin tight jeans fast becoming the newest trend in town selling like hotcakes in the market now. Tight jeans are very stylish in a way that somehow it makes a lot of people look a lot thinner, enhancing the shape of the body into a more curvaceous form. There are also skin tight jeans stitched and cut into different styles that enable figure enhancements and makes miracles in camouflaging unwanted body features.

A person who wants to achieve a slimmer impression will be more successful with the right pair of skin tight jeans. Stretch denim jeans are also very hot in the market, it is considered to be the second best selling when it comes to clothing items. The materials of stretch denims are very popular in cotton and spandex fabrics and the common combination of the materials of stretch denim jeans constitutes of 1% spandex, 28% polyester and 78% cotton.

If you are aiming for the sleek look, cotton-Lycra blends of stretch denim jeans are the right pair for you. There are also artistically designed skin tight jeans available in the market. You can have these skin tight stretch denim jeans in floral, beaded and embroidered. A pair of tight jeans that has a light tone at the thighs thru the knees will give your legs a shapelier looking form.

5 Tips for Choosing a Hijab Match Face Shape

Confused choosing to wear hijab day?

Where ya that suits you, and is comfortable to use?
Islamic dress has special tips for you who want to look beautiful with hijab.
Only one trick in particular, adjust to the shape of your face.

Round Face
It is disgust has a round face, as if one choose the hijab happens your face will look bloated and fat. For those of you who have a round face, with a veil siasati undercaps (sought not bandana).
Tie your hair if long, then use undercaps, do dicepol or bun because it would give the impression your head round. Tie the scarf, then on the cheek can be pulled up half the cheeks closed. Make sure you are well fixed and comfortable and not crowded yes. Next you can enter the rest of the hijab or decorate it with a brooch.

Oval face or length
For your face oval or long, Turkish style is the most fitting subject, because it will give a full impression and more solid for a long face. You should curl your hair so that your head shape better and balanced with the face.

Square face
For your face you should use a veil rounded square shape that will frame the face becomes softer and eliminating sharp lines. Avoid using loud colors and flashy. Use a soft color or layer so that the face looks more full.

Oval face
For those of you who oval face, you are free to use a variety of styles hijab. Stay where you mix it with a color that fits your skin and clothes. Your heartbeat will become more graceful and sweet.

In choosing a veil, we can adjust the shape of our face. Own face shape basically there is a round, oval, heart, square and long. Let’s look at how to choose the hijab according to your face shape.

Skin Color
In choosing a veil, not hurt us also consider the color of the skin that we wear hijab do not look flashy and looks graceful. Basically most of the color white, and dark-complexioned. Let’s see together how to choose hijab according to skin color.

Choosing the appropriate color white veil: You can choose the veil of dark and light is the right choice. Skin color will look even brighter white with black, gray, red, blue and purple color while young like pastel colors, white, and yellow beidge only make the face look pale.
Choosing the appropriate veil dark skin color: you can choose a plum-colored scarf, lavender, pastel and other neutral colors that can make your skin look brighter and softer.
Choosing the appropriate veil yellow skin color: you can choose a pink scarf, red and blue and shades of color as much as possible to avoid gold


Should choose cotton scarf paris so comfortable and not hot when worn. Moreover, cotton scarf will help your scalp and hair to keep it breathe

Hijab and the Modern World

“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof” (Quran 24:31)

Since few decades hijab has become a subject of big discussions and debates. Showed as a symbol of oppression and subjugation in the West, however it is not fully understood by the majority of the non-Muslim society.

Finding the meaning behind the hijab can help us realise the mistakes of prejudice as well as to figure out the corrupted image of it in the West.

Watch: Bruce Wayne?s modern Batcave is real and it?s in Australia

As stated by Muslim Scholar Reza Aslan, “The veil was neither compulsory nor widely adopted until generations after Muhammad’s death, when a large body of male scriptural and legal scholars began using their religious and political authority to regain the dominance they had lost in society as a result of the Prophet’s egalitarian reforms”

However, guided by the demand for modesty revealed in the Holy Quran, many Muslim women chose the hijab as their way to God. Different scholars have different interpretations of the hijab as from a full covering with only eyes revealed to a single piece of head scarf. We are not going deep in details, as at the end it is a personal choice in worshiping God. Yet, the hijab has a wider meaning than just the head cover. Hijab is a modest way of clothing that does not reveal the body shape nor attracts a sexual attention to it. And it was not only dictated by the Holy Scripture but a religious fashion in different parts of the world.

“O children of Adam, We have brought down to you garments to cover your private parts, as well as for adornment, yet the garment of reverence is the best. These are some of God’s signs, perhaps they will remember.” Quran 7:26

Looking back in history we can see the resemblance of hijab in the European society of the Early Middle Age. And as the fashion has always been influenced by the historical and cultural movements, it is important to understand the background of each epoch in order to explain why certain type of clothes evolves and disappears.

On the picture we can see the illustration of Kiev Rus queen Olga who lived between 890 and 969, and represents the fashion of the 10th century Europe.

“If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head”
(Bible 1 Corrinthians 11:3-6)

As we know, European culture in 10th century was highly influenced by Christianity. Art and craft, and architecture were focused on the religious motifs. Books were written and kept in monasteries, and showed incredible pieces of calligraphic and fine art. Libraries were attached to the cathedrals and displayed numbers of Christian teachings, stories and Bible translations. Mosaic on the walls of churches and cathedrals displaying scenes from Bible was the highest form of the visual art at that time. And the blooming architecture style showed up in fabulous churches and cathedrals.

As the Christian world was ruled by Constantinople – the heart of Middle Ages European culture and the cradle of the religion, it was the Byzantium religious fashion to be followed.

As we can see, there is a significant resemblance between the Christian religious fashion and the Islamic hijab as the standard of modesty and faith.

Speaking about modesty, there is no single image that would reflect the opinion of all the people on Earth, so in order to find that one and only standard we need a higher authority than the changing society with its ever-changing morals and rules.

“…and not display their beauty except what is apparent, and they should place their cover over their chest…”   (Quran, 24:31)

Now, following the history, we can see how Renaissance which finished the Middle Ages era and started a new stage of cultural development brought over the manifestation of freedom from the religious practice. And as the fashion goes hand in hand with the social and cultural movements, male and female dresses became tighter, the head cover turned into a fancy decoration and the chest started being exposed. As the female body became an object of poetic and artistic adornment, the new type of dress aimed to create a desirable shape in order to satisfy the new movement.

We can continue the historical review until the modern days, however, from this short example it is clear that the further we moved from the religion, the more exposed our clothes became. And despite the world spread stereotype that the hijab is a form of oppression for a Muslim woman, we should bear in mind that the majority of them took their own decision to wear it in order to obey the God’s demand for modesty. And as the modesty for a Muslim woman can only be defined by God, and the Quran is the word of God, therefore she faithfully follows it assuring her future in the afterlife.

Now, when the modern world is governed by the power of consumption that drags people attention to fulfilling the desires of this life, hijab and religious awareness is a real threat to the consumer society. As the religion is teaching us to build our life focusing on the afterlife, and the hijab as a religious dress code disregards the modern fashion and other cultural consuming traps, it was essential for the modern society to present it as a symbol of oppression, so to turn people away from the religion and keep their focus on consuming.

So, at this point, it is important to understand that the hijab is not a Middle Ages fashion that keeps Muslim society in the Middle Ages stage of development, but it is a religious dress code. And it is only the West has moved away from their religion that changed their clothing, yet the Muslim society is still profound in their religion and so the hijab is a free choice for the majority of Muslim women.

You can Create Your Glamour Model Portfolio Easily

 You can create your glamour model portfolio easily. Glamour model portfolio needs to be created in a professional manner.  You need to showcase your real accomplishments.  You may be talented; you may have stunning measurements; your sex appeal may be irresistible.  But if all your modeling traits are presented awkwardly because of improper snaps, obviously it does not make any horse sense! What is all the more appalling is the improper snaps can very well defeat your any chance of success even before you venture out!!  Ooh! That is downrightly ridiculous. You are beaten well before you take up the cudgel. Ha, ha.  And that is obviously pitiable. Right?

You may wonder how I shall create my glamour model portfolio.Don’t get tense.  It is rather very simple.  But you have to be very meticulous.  That will make it.  Don’t think of using the snaps you got at home or shot by your friends on an excursion or picnic or at your work or at the academy.  Leave them aside!  Try to get the best available professional photographer.  How will you spot her or him?  It is quite easy.  Make a local inquiry in your locality.  Or you can make a search on the internet.  Or, better still, you may ask your modeling agency to fix a photographer for you.  Discuss with him/her your requirement and the time.  Ask them to show you some of the sample works they have done.  Analyze and assess their professional accomplishments and whether they are befitting your requirements.  However, before booking make sure the cost is agreeable to you.

To get the photographs for your glamour modeling portfolio, you need to do a lot more.  Okay, now you have got your photographer.  Next you want an equally competent makeup artist. You can employ the same method to spot the makeup artist also.  Now you want to look for the costumes for your modeling poses.  This you can spot from modeling and fashion publications.  Also, the internet can be of much help to you.  You look for a variety of dresses and poses.  If you are a performing artist, say a guitarist or a dancer, a few poses in that theme also can be shot.  Anyway, before the shot, tell the makeup artist and the photographer about your need and poses and follow their instructions.  Make it a point to avoid alcohol the day before the shot.  Also, you need to have sound sleep the night previous.  Maintain a balanced diet and regular workouts to keep a trim figure and good health.

Bravo Cosplay the Art and the Performance! Cosplay an art of portraying famous mythological, animation and fictional characters on stage wearing costumes to represent them. Now Cosplay has emerged as a fashion culture too with the increasing number of fans and designer brands promoting Cosplay goods. Cosplay draws inspiration from many modern animation series and this has given birth to the new genre of anime Cosplay. Many Japanese and other country based animation and cartoon characters of movies and books are liked and enjoyed by people of all ages. Cosplay has taken the world by rage not only in its art form but as a fashion statement too.

A Cosplay costume can either be cute and sweet or bold according to the character. The head dress and foot wear is of utmost importance in a Cosplay outfit. Different kinds of funky hats and colorful wigs are used to enhance anime Cosplay. Crowns and tiaras are used to represent some princely characters. Beards, moustaches, side burns, goatees, elderly masks, Santa masks and witch hats are some crazy accessories. Whatever be the nature of the costume, accessories can take it up several notches. Masks are worn to give the vampire feel. Also artificial teeth, fangs, nails, ears, tails, pirate accessories, wands, weapons, swords, armor, ties, canes, sashes and wings are worn.

Leather foot wear is the ideal choice for Cosplay costumes. High heeled boots, pirate boots, militant boots, witch shoes, saddle shoes, platform shoes, belts and sequin shoes are used. Cosplay conventions and parties have become more common now than the last decade. The number of fans and admirers of this fashion culture has increased and they meet up regularly to enjoy and celebrate this culture. Cosplay competitions and contests are conducted regularly in many countries. Australia is famous for the Madman National Cosplay competition which happens in all its major cities every year. New aspirants and veterans participate and perform before fans and their peer artists. Winners are selected both by the judges and the audience. These winners become instant celebrities and become world famous.

Cosplay has evolved from an ancient art form to a world famous fashion culture. Many international brands and designers have created and popularized Cosplay costumes. Be it a shop in a nearby mall or an online website or store, Cosplay goods are being sold and purchased by millions of fans.

Starring Yourself with Final Fantasy IV Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy IV cosplay is another standout object for the cosplayers to display their passion of the characters in FF IV. As one of the versions of the final fantasy video game, there are also many distinctive roles, such as Zidane Trible, the protagonist and a thief. Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, the heroine and the Princess of Alexandria in this game. Eiko Carol, a little girl, she is the only person who appears in the game with a Summoner’s Horn in FF IV. And Kuja, he is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IX, who is ambitious, narcissistic and ruthless as well as a fanatical gunrunner. And many other striking characters are there in this video game.

As for the Final Fantasy series, it can be said that FF IV starts a new beginning with advancement in many aspects of the game. Therefore, it could promote a large number of players to focus their attention on it. At the same time, as a queer fashion to display a kind of lifestyle, values and tastes, cosplay attracts increasing followers to do this type. Cosplayer could feel the same as the characters in the video game, anime, comic and other media by means of dressing on the exact cosplay outfits. On the other hand the role must be glamorous enough to grasp people’s interest to proceed with his or her cosplay. Hence, we can say that the Final Fantasy IV turns on a unique allure to the imitators so that there are tons of impersonators who don its cosplay costume in the show.

When speaking of the appearance of the characters in FF IV, they are distinctively featured. As regards Zidane, he has bright eyes and fair hair, while his clothing usually comes with a vest with necktie, blue trousers, boots and belt matching tail attaches to the trousers as well as some accessories. So Zidane cosplay costume is quite cool and distinctive, which will make you the same as him in the game. In the matter of Eiko Carol, blue hair with big bowknot, her accoutrement is connecting with a red turtleneck blouse connects to special designed trousers, besides, one of remarkable things is a cute decorated belts attached to the blouse, an absolutely excellent cosplay uniform. Kuja, he often dresses quite strangely, so it is imaginable that his garb must be outstanding, and you will be easily recognized by others as long as you try this one. It gathers with stand collar coat and a similar skirt, and the matching underwear has two layers with saw tooth, and the sleeves of overcoat have two parts: grape color in top mixes with white in end. Distinctive straps connect with skirt with leg covers.

There are still more untold, all in all, cosplaying FF IV could give you a different experience, of course it holds plenty of people’s interest to carry on this sort of cosplay, and obviously more and more cosplayers are expected to follow suit.

J Rock Definition

J Rock or Japanese Rock is part of J Pop music. The Japanese rock music has started during 1960s. It was actually influenced by the rock music in United States. The rock music has started to change in 1970s. It was influenced by the folk music. During 1980s the rock musicians change their looks. The visual look of the musicians was updated into genuinely self-made style.

The genres of fashion and music styles in J Rock always grow. The styles of fashion and music in J Rock include Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, Angura Kei, and many others. The genre of Japanese rock is usually related to glamour rock, metal, and punk.

Visual Kei refers to the band with heavy make-up, glamour costumes, and cool hair styles that are usually dyed in many different colors.

You cannot assume the Japanese rock as the rock style that is the same with the common rock style. J Rock music and fashion styles are completely different.

The most notable Japanese legendary visual rock bands that have succeed in Japan and the world are X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, GLAY, L’Arc en Ciel, Buck-Tick, and many more.

Nowadays there are so many bands in this genre born. They are more likely to invade Europe and United States. Many opinions spreads about this but, we cannot judge which one is the correct one. The bands and soloists are likely to tour around Europe and United States. Those J Rock stars are the GazettE, X JAPAN, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, and many more.

The newly born Japanese rock bands are more likely to war heavy make up that has become the characteristic of Japanese rock. The bands that were born in 1980s are likely to change their style by getting more mature look. But still, the aura of J Rock star appears.

You can always enjoy recorded concert because they usually release concert DVD. If you watch their promotional videos you might get interested with their music and fashion styles. Many people who are into J Rock also follow the musicians’ style. You can refer the mimic of style as Cosplay (costume player).

What is an Abaya and what are the various styles and fashions?

Abaya is a kind of hijab worn by Muslim women all over the Islamic world. It is a loose cloak usually made of fine black fabric. This robe like dress is also called ‘aba’. Abaya conceals the whole body of a woman except for the face, hands and feet. It’s a two piece garment consisting of a large square piece of cloth shaped into a loose robe and a head gear with niqab. Abaya is the national dress in the UAE and women all over Arabian Gulf, Turkey and North Africa wear it. The Indonesian and Malaysian Muslim women call it Kebaya.

Abaya is worn for the purpose of purdah that is to cover women and to conceal their beauty from men who are not related to them by blood or marriage. All Muslim women must keep themselves covered in public. Other than its religious importance, an abaya has some cultural and traditional significance too. Women feel protected and secure while wearing it as the Quran said: “They will thus be recognized and no harm will come to them.” Differences in the abaya head gears in the UAE also help distinguish the younger women from the older ones and the local Muslim women from expatriates. Hence an abaya imparts certain identity to women.

Modern styles in abaya offer diversity which helps women choose lavishly for their daily gear. They can pick and choose from a tremendous variety of styles, colours, shapes and cuts. Saudi Abaya is considered more popular amongst the many styles that are available, With time an abaya has evolved from its initial plain cut and colour into a symbol of style and fashion among Muslim women. A wide range of fabric, from fine crepe and chiffon to georgette and cotton are in use for this garment. An abaya no longer needs to be just plain black in colour. It can be made in any colour, however, extremely attractive and colourful abayas are prohibited in Riyadh. The choice of colour and fabric for an abaya may vary depending upon the region and culture a woman belongs to.

Modern abayas with embroidered edges, fascinating motifs at the front and the back, can easily lure women into making expensive purchases. Bands of glittering diamantes, glistening stones, shining ribbons and lace embellishments on black or colourful fabric impart style and elegance to this religious and traditional mode of dressing. If we compare Saudi women to expatriates they are more willing to invest extensively in custom-made abayas as they want to follow the latest trends. Another popular modern trend is an abaya shaped like caftan. Old traditional Egyptian “milaya laf” of 1920s has also inspired modern abaya designers.

A large majority of women like embroidery designs on large butterfly and fish silhouettes. These are usually done in bright catchy colours and impressively detailed fine beads work. Satin and silk has also been used for making abayas unique and stylish. A combination of net sleeves with satin has given many women an elegant chic look. Such stylish abayas sometimes look more like Kaftan dresses. Many women prefer wearing patterned or printed head scarves with their robes which often makes them stand out among others. The ‘Kum Seeni’ styled abaya which is done in ‘Chinese-arm style’ has also been a favourite among women. Styles in an abaya vary according to the occasion too. A party-wear abaya is supposed to be done in bright colours or heavy embroidery, diamantes or beads work. While a routine wear will be comparatively simple but elegantly cut.

An abaya is symbolic of a Muslim woman’s unique identity. It supports her religious beliefs with dignity and style, and this imparts a distinctive importance to this garment.

Islamic fashion and Hijab: all about trend

There cannot be anything more uplifting than the sheer aura of modesty. Let us be honest here; the typical Islamic dresses for women such as the Abayas, maxi dresses, jilbabs , caftans hijabs and many more are now typically designed while keeping two important things in mind – style and modesty. As a matter of fact, the 21st century Muslim women in fact appreciate this ideal fusion of fashion and modesty in her clothing.

The overall idea of Islamic fashion trend thus lies in dressing modestly and at the same time silhouetting fashion. And this is certainly one of the reasons why it is almost next to impossible to rule out the appeal of the new age Islamic fashion trend which has made the Islamic dresses contemporary without compromising on the modesty. Modesty is a virtue and Islam demands this from men and women. Yes, modesty is the very core of Islamic religion and has been time and time again being revealed amidst the soft ruffle of the Abayas, amidst the sheer femininity of the Hijabs.

Quite ideally therefore the beat of Islamic fashion has been rightly silhouetted amidst the ruffles of the Islamic Hijab fashion. The soft veil hanging from your head makes you look feminine, gorgeous, modest and much more. However, wearing the Hijaab is not just putting a piece of cloth on your head rather it stands as an attitude, perhaps a philosophy and behaving, and at the day’s end accepting yourself for who and what you are.

The spring sprung and summer is now round the corner and it is perhaps the right time to update your wardrobe with the latest summer hijabs. These scarves are much lighter made from the breathable material and are now available in an array of colors, designs and patterns. Honestly, the secret of summer comfort however lies in the selection of the right summer Hijab is certainly the fabric . While cotton still dominates the market yet linen, rayon and silk are equally loved by the women. So what are you waiting for? Update your style while keeping the latest Islamic fashion trend in mind.

The Future of Glamour Modeling by North West Model Agency

Glamour Modeling with North West Model Agency

North West Model Agency believes glamour modeling is on the rise. The popularity in magazine and coffee shop culture coupled with the rise of the internet has seen an explosion in the last few years of glamour modeling publications.

Glamour model publications appeal to both men and women and are usually associated with current celebrity fashion, gossip and products (from gadgets to shoes).

What is Glamour Modeling?

North West Model Agency considers glamour modeling to be just as important as any other modeling discipline. It is hard to define in any one sense which in some ways makes it harder to compare. Because of its lack of strict definition the competition for glamour modeling is just as intense as any other modeling role.

Glamour modeling concentrates on the model herself, rather than the clothes or products she is wearing. The advantage glamour modeling has over other forms is the lack of height, age, or weight restrictions. This makes it an ideal career for girls who do not fit the “sample” size required by fashion houses.

Success in glamour modeling is not always about looking the best or having the best body. Many other factors such as agency activity and personality count a lot.

Remember that glamour modeling can include just about anything. It is NOT just lingerie and certainly does not need to include nudity. Some of the defining glamour photos out there are because the model is NOT revealing anything.

Technology in Glamour Modeling

With the onset of digital photography it is possible to get very high definition (commonly called Ultra High Quality or UHQ) glamour photos almost instantly.

Because North West Model Agency use the most up to date technology UHQ glamour photos turn around can be very quick. Combine this with North West Model Agency’s state of the art graphic studio, images can be blended, altered and emailed for a printed or online publication in minutes.

North West Model Agency’s studio can also deal with new media and the internet. This is the fastest growing area of glamour modeling, and one which many ‘old school’ models and photographers do not understand. North West Model Agency can guide you through the advantages of having an online portfolio and how to promote your image. It’s to our advantage that we make our models as well known as possible!

Pitfalls of Glamour Modeling

Make sure your modeling agency and photographer are reputable. North West Model Agency vets it’s photographers before using them and will insist upon a client brief (so you know what you will be doing) before shoots and a chaperone during shoots.

Also be aware that many modeling agencies will charge you to make a portfolio on the pretence of work, though they never have any intention of giving you any assignments.

North West Model Agency will not charge you for a glamour portfolio. They may refer you on to a preferred professional photographer if you wish to have glamour photography added.

Glamour modeling competition is intense and North West Model Agency knows it is not always easy. We will assign you to the most suitable role and will always make sure you are comfortable with the assignment before you undertake it.

We ask all our models to fill out a North West Model Agency Feedback form when they have completed an assignment, so we constantly monitor our clients and models expectations.

As with all modeling glamour modeling is not easy. North West Model Agency advises all want to be glamour models to really think about the lifestyle it involves. Travel is inevitable though sometimes great fun. Although the ideal place for an assignment is a warm studio or a sunny beach it is always worth remembering that some of the best shots out there were taken on a cold day with bad weather looming.

Future of Glamour Modeling

North West Model Agency believes the future of glamour modeling lies very much in cyber space.

Glamour modeling is changing, make no mistake it has to if it is to survive. Glamour modeling has languished in the prehistoric age for far too long. This can be partially attributed to the industry being formed on the old print press method of publication (calendars, magazines, tabloids). It is no secret that print is in decline and many modeling agencies are missing out on the new media and an increase in broadband access.

North West Model Agency is highly experienced in online promotion and the use of photographic material on the internet.

North West Model Agency’s one stop shop approach to glamour modeling is a fantastic starting point for potential and experienced glamour models alike.


If you’re fun loving, outgoing, and cannot do (or simply not interested) in other forms of modeling it is possible make a career from Glamour Modeling.

North West Model Agency’s approach is honest and open, but remember that you’ll need to have a thick skin to survive in glamour modeling.

CROSSPLAY, Male or Female

Crossplay is a combination of cross-dressing and cosplay, where a person dresses up as a character of the other gender. Its origins lie in the anime convention circuit, but, like cosplay, crossplay has not remained restricted to the genre. There are two types of crossplays, namely, male-to-female crossplay, and female-to-male crossplay. Generally, male-to-female crossplayers are more common outside Japan. On the contrary, female-to-male crossplayer’s presences are far more prevalent within Japan.

Male-to-female crossplay is generally divided into two definite categories, that is, those making an attempt to pass as females, and those engaging in genderplay. The major difference between these two categories is largely due to the social environment surrounding the issue of male cross-dressing. As a rule of thumb, most males do not take cross-dressing lightly, and often disassociate and distance themselves from it. Suffering from these prejudices, crossplayers often, choose to either take the route or ironic humor (an intention to not pass as a male), or that of the masquerade (pretending to be or attempting to pass as a female).

Off late, though, anime conferences and conventions have been witnessing a rise in the amount of male-to-female crossplayers who are increasingly preparing and applying more effort into their impersonation of a female. Often, many males, especially teenagers, are able to create a perfect replica of the female gender, fooling many unsuspecting bystanders.

Female-to-male crossplay are the most common type of crossplayers amongst all the countries that play host to cosplayers. The situation is similar in Japan, where female costumers lead the field of cosplayers in general, often replicating a huge variety of colorful characters irrespective of gender. This is due to a variety of social and cultural reasons. A majority of the females cross-dress for the very same reason they would cosplay, that is, because they like the character and/or the costume worn, and would like to make a statement of their choice by sporting that.

Also, another deciding factor to consider is the fact that bishonen are portrayed as liminal beings in both manga and anime, so, it is considered a comparatively easier task for a female to cross-play as a bishonen than it would be to crossplay as a male character from a western series.

Though, there are numerous social stigmas attached to crossplayers, such as homosexuality, transgendered, inferiority complexions and the likes, for the real fans, it is a small price to pay in their attempt to imitate and worship their idol. The pleasure of replicating their hero’s by resembling them, even though, it may need a temporary crossover of one’s gender is worth the pain and taunts for the enthusiasts.

How to Chose Suitable Character to Cosplay

It’s so obvious that every fellow have their favorite anime & manga characters which they aspire to cosplay. However, does the one suit your style? Choosing right and fitted character is one of the significant parts in cosplay. If you’ve chosen the right character , it’s effortless to elaborate your acting potential and present your indulge in this character. If not, to display the perfect performance seems not so easy though there are other ways to fix some flaw. I think, before you seriously take steps on the stage, it’s indispensable to possess this unpleasant preparation that perhaps few laymen would place an adverse critic on your defective play. So let’s talk about how to choose the suitable character.

For boys, I think the first is to pay attention to your figure. If you are almost the same figure: referred to your height, weight, body proportion to the role you tend to act, it’s easy to present acceptable show with average costume. And regardless of your fullness or slimness, tallness or shortness, there are always countless characters to choose, which is superior to girls’ cosplay. The second part is to be cautious to some specific details such as the charm, the face cheek, or the behavioral styles of the character. A babyface to play a rough guy is strange and sort of missing the spirit. Grounded this two parts be accomplished well, the performance is to some extent a perfect show.

Then the girls’ part. Unlike boys, the most important thing is about the actress’ body figure. As girls’ costumes have more pattern and stylish design than boys’, and even several body exposures, thus it’s better to find the advantage and disadvantage of the player, so as to choose the fit garment. For instance, if your legs look not so perfect, you can select long dress or trousers; the figure is round in normal clothes, you may pick up something that won’t reveal your curves. These concepts are the same clothes matching principles as in everyday life. Except this, nearly every other disconformity could be fixed up by other artificial methods, such as cosmetic, fake hair, small accessories. Moreover, in capturing the spirit and charm of the role, girls could use cosmetic to demonstrate different effect, which brings numerous advantages to the performance. For example, rich make-up makes the actress sophisticated and gaudy, while pale make-up tends to display a sense of purity and innocence.

Specifically, about the crossplay. Normal situation is girls crossplay as boys, because female’s cheek curve is tender and reserved, which brings unexpected effect in transvestite. So if you’ve picked up the right character, you can take the chance to have a try. On the contrary, boys – character as girls sometimes is totally for fun, and some is seriously to display the grace and elegance of female. It is not a denial for your hard work, but a various degrees of acceptation. For the audience, I think it is better to cheer up for the crossplay for their courage.

1970s Glam Rock Clothing Style

The early 1970’s brought a lot of inspiration to the fashion world today. The best part of the 70’s was the fabulous singers and their rockin style. Hence the term GLAM Rock was invented. The music that rockers like David Bowie, Kiss, and Slade produced had hypnotic sounds and booming bass. Of course they had to have an image to go with the sound. Glamour Rock more than achieved their vision.

It’s common for entertainers to use their image to amaze fans. Glam Rock style is a term used to describe the over the top, eye catching stage wardrobe the stars would wear. This fashion style began in the United Kingdom in the 70’s. Lady GAGA’s style is the perfect example of Glam Rock Fashion. It’s usually exaggerated and over the top. The colors are random and the designs have more of an artistic note to them. Glam rock can be very flamboyant in design and have gender bending qualities. The more over the top the outfit the better. It doesn’t matter what color the garment is or even material, Glam Rock style is only for the truly daring fashionista.

In order to achieve Glam Rock style you have to have a personality that matches it. Are you someone who cares what others think? Do you march to the beat of a different drum? Do you feel comfortable in any type of clothing? If you answered yes to 2 out of three, then Glam Rock is for you. It’s easy to achieve this look, usually people who are very creative work this look effortlessly. In the book FRUiTS by Shōichi Aoki, they take pictures of people in Japan who have over the top fashion and proudly show it. Usually performers utilize Glam Rock to make their shows memorable, but artist like Nikkie Minaj have made this trend cool to wear on an everyday basis. This style is unique because it totally bypasses all the fashion rules ever made. There should never be a rule for fashion, because it’s a means of personal expression. The more detailed and creative someone is, the better they will be at styling the Glam Rock Way.

The world of fashion is glamorous. Clothes have always been used as a tool to market an artist or express a truly unique image. Glam rock is a tool for anyone to be expressive, whether it’s over the top, or just minimal. You don’t have to be a rock star to feel good wearing elaborate styles, all you need is to have confidents in styling. It’s all in the personality; don’t dress over the top for a fad. In a world full of millions of people, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Start with fashion and no matter what, you will get noticed.

Islamic Women Clothing: Style For This Winter

 Exquisite and feminine, gorgeous and appealing, the very trend of Islamic women clothing requires them to cover up modestly. Yes, ‘modesty’; that’s the keyword which silhouettes the true aura of Islamic clothing. Well it goes without saying that in Muslim women clothing trend, the overall grace was always there and now the modern designer has aligned the basics of modest clothing with the contemporary style to let it match with the chic appeal of the era.  Yes, that’s correct; it has ushered in a charming synthesis of style and modesty and this can be best limned amidst the lines and weaves of the latest Islamic abayas, jilbabs, Chiffon Kaftans and in the midst of the latest hijab fashion. Islamic women clothing has become the hottest fashion trend famed for its femininity and elusive charm.

And now as the temperature drops sharply, as winter sets in slowly and steadily it’s time to shove back your summer clothing to the wardrobe and recreate Islamic wardrobe with the beat of the winter pulse.

So, follow the latest trend and stay comfortable with the Islamic women clothing for winter days. Here are some tips to stay warm during winter.

 Be warm headed: Aside from modesty another good point of Islamic clothing for women is, it requires her to cover up more. And that’s always good for the chilly wintry days. Well, to combat chilly blows you can take advantage of the latest hijab fashion. Use your V shaped hijab to stay warm. Let’s be honest now, once you prioritize keeping your head warm, you will be winning half of the battle in keeping yourself warm during winter.

Add a further layer: Dressing in layers is indeed helpful in filling up the insulation between you and your winter coat. You can always wear sweater, leg warmer or a tee under your Islamic Abaya to stay comfortable.

Avoid cotton in winter: Invest on woolen Islamic women clothing because wool absorbs fair amount of moisture without letting the heat escape. Well this means wearing a woolen Islamic Abaya or wrapping your head in a woolen Islamic scarf if you feel hot and start sweating then your woolen Islamic wear would allow the sweat to evaporate. Avoid cotton Islamic wear during winter.

Buy synthetic modest clothing:  Yes, you have heard that right synthetics are fantastic wind-breaking materials, so to greet winter gracefully invest in high quality synthetic modest clothing.

Don’t leave your neck bare: No, during this winter don’t stick your neck out. You can use your Islamic scarf around the neck. Your hijab should cover your neck but the Islamic scarf neatly wrapped around the neck will just seal the heat.  And if you want to illustrate your style in a contemporary manner then invest on a jacket that zips up to your neck.

Cover well from top to toe: Do not leave the feet bare. To beat the cold wear well-insulated boots and woolen socks.

Get ready to welcome Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman this winter and stay warm with the latest winter collection of Islamic women clothing. No you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for shopping because latest Islamic fashion trend can be found at the online Islamic clothing stores.

Glamour Plus With Glamorise Bras

 When you’ve been wanting to strut your stuff, a great bra can help build your confidence. Plus size women can now enjoy the same choices that women with an average built have. Today we will discuss different plus size bras that come in all styles and colors.

Choosing the right bra can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spell out BRA. Follow these 3 easy steps to hassle free plus size bra shopping.

B – Begin by doing some research.

A bra is an important part of your wardrobe. Settling for an ill-fitting bra could lead to many uncomfortable days. That is why it is essential to know your specific needs when buying a bra. Don’t just buy bras because it claims to be “comfortable”. Find out why it’s comfortable. A great brand to research is Glamorise bras. This brand features special molding microfiber cups which help keep you comfortable all day.

R – Relish your curves.

Bra shopping also means being able to appreciate the curves you have. Always remember that though a good bra will enhance the appearance of your breasts, a positive attitude will make your beauty shine through. Even if you’re wearing a plain bra, having the right attitude helps you look and feel better.

A – Always remember to try something new once in a while.

Bra brands like Glamorise just won’t be relegated into the “tame” corner. Glamorise has different prints and sexy styles. If you’re a bit conservative about choosing your bras, remind yourself to try something new. Keep yourself up to date. Make your plus size, a glamour plus!

Add the Glamour Quotient to Your Style

Thigh High Boots

Reach out for thigh high boots and scale new heights of seduction! But please be ready to handle more attention than you have ever received in your lifetime.

Undoubtedly, the most powerful symbol of allurement when it comes to footwear is thigh high boots. In shoedom, thigh high boots or thigh length boots (or) simply thigh boots are defined as boots that extend over the knees. The length of thigh high boot could vary from just above the knee to just above the crotch. Thigh high boots are sometimes also referred to as over-the-knee boots, and especially when cuffed, pirate boots.

Tantalizing thigh high boots are made of different materials such as various leathers, to various synthetic materials like latex, vinyl and polyurethane and fabrics such as silk, polyester microfiber. High heels are more popular in thigh high boots. Though lower height versions are available, heels greater than three inch and reaching out to seven inches are more popular when it comes to thigh boots.

Sexy thigh high boots

Since thigh boots stretch up to the thighs of the wearer. This is perceived as rather aggressive, assertive footwear. Thigh high boots are usually available in slip-on and zip-up versions. Lace-up thigh high boots that lets you make a little skin show are worn by ultra daring and super-confident women. Glamorous women are also going in for sexy thigh boots enhanced by bold buckles, glitters and holograms to add a tantalizing touch.

Leather Boots

Of all the materials, thigh high boots made of leather are considered the most seductive and stylish. A well-fitting pair of sensuous black leather thigh high boot can raise the sex quotient of any short skirt, tight jeans or long skirt. Leather thigh boots look amazingly sexy in winters when they also protect the wearer from the cold biting.

Women’s Boots

Thigh high boots are associated with all women, however, tall women look best in thigh high boots as these tend to draw attention to legs and thighs. Stylists feel slim women should go for tight fitting thigh high boots to highlight their slender figure. Similarly stout ones should go for loose fitting thigh boots to hide their extra weight.

Short women should avoid thigh high shoes as these highlight a womans shortness rather than accentuating her legs.

Several online shoe stores also offer custom-made thigh high boots to ensure the best fit and the best look to the wearer. Alternatively, many shoe companies offer thigh boots with gussets, straps, or other features which allow women to adjust the fit. This feature is especially desirable for women with bigger or more muscular legs as it allows them to adjust the boots to their comfort level. Women with thin legs can also tighten the boots to ensure they stay snug and look attractive.

Fetish Boots

With sex appeal reaching the roof, thigh high boots are often rated as kinky and used as fetish clothing in boot fetishism and shoe fetishism. These are often linked with call girls and those associated with adult entertainment industry. The dubious image of thigh high boots was further strengthened by Julia Roberts role of prostitute in Pretty Woman where she wears black vinyl thigh boots to show a seductive appearance.

Fetish image of thigh high boots have been neutralized over the years by iconic pop stars such as Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles, Keisha Buchanan, and Celine Dion etc who have worn thigh high boots as part of their costuming and brought them in mainstream. Couture fashion houses have also favored thigh high boots and fetched them in the shoe shelf of the style conscious women who love to play with the art of seduction.

Real Toys Or Real Barbie?

 Whoever has not heard of the Barbie doll? Well, she is by far, the most widely-acclaimed doll in the whole wide world. No little girl perhaps has ever grown up without having had the chance to own such a precious possession at one time or another, in her life. Be it the real thing or just a mere copycat, a barbie doll probably would make a little girl’s life complete.

Barbie’s Humble Beginnings

Who’s barbie? Introduced to the public in March 1959, Barbie which was launched as a fashion doll is the figurehead of the Mattel brand of dolls manufactured by the American company of the same name. Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman is said to be the brains behind this world famous creation. She got inspiration from a doll she saw in Germany while on tour, named Bild Lilli.

If you’re familiar with the doll world, you’ll know that Barbie is a collectible doll, with the earlier versions fetching hefty sums in auctions. For more than five decades now, the doll has played a significant role in the toy fashion doll market, for the record.

The brand continues to reap worldwide popularity, even twining itself in multimillion dollar lawsuits involving imitations of the doll itself and including her ‘lifestyle’. The hit pop song, ‘Barbie’ in the summer of 1997 added to her fame. For many, the Barbie lifestyle was a dedicated way of life.

Lots of girls dream of owning this doll, and surprisingly, how they wished Barbie were alive. Hence, it comes as no surprise that young pretty humans have tried to imitate her – make themselves really look like Barbie! Along with expensive as well as cheap toys and games for kids alike, the Barbie doll has become a cherished possession of so many children around the world.

Real-life Barbie’s

Below are the girls widely-recognized as human barbie’s, such as:

Paris Hilton. Said to be the Barbie personified, Hilton has long blonde hair, with multiple careers to speak of. She’s likewise a proud owner of a pink car, just like Barbie, just a whooping $200,000 hot pink Bentley Continental GT with monogrammed seats!

KotaKoti. Her real name is Dakota Ostrenga – otherwise known as Dakota Rose, has an unbelievable similarity to Barbie.  Fans in countries like Japan and China (where she was featured on a number of networks) adore her as a cosplayer with a brunette anime-esque look.

Valeria Lukyanova. The most famous among them is perhaps this pretty blonde girl from Russia said to be ” Barbie come alive’. She is a model and entertainer who loves to fill her Facebook page all over with her pictures really looking like the Mattel doll. She projects the glassy-eyed vacant look so perfectly that people ask if she’s even genuine. For that, she earned for herself the title “real-life Barbie doll” and “human Barbie”.

Heidi Montag. The star of the reality TV show, “The Hills”, Montag was a cute blonde described by many as a “naturally beautiful and confident sweetie transformed into an artificial person in just a few short years”.  People were shocked to see her new figure on the cover of People magazine, and the cause of their shock? This headline, “Addicted To Plastic Surgery: 10 Procedures In 1 Day.” She was said to have undergone ten procedures because she wanted to become “the best of me”.

There are still many other women out there, even one from the UK who’s already a mom, who went through great lengths (plastic and cosmetic surgeries as well) just to have that famous real Barbie doll looks.

Sadly, there are people no longer contented with mere funny games and toys. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your own brood, do you? If you want your kids to enjoy a fun, normal life, then, introduce only the toys that are appropriate for their ages.

Cosplay – A Growing Subculture in Asia

Art, like music, is a universal language. It knows no boundaries and unites people of diverse cultures in collective admiration for a common interest. That is what cosplay has ignited mostly among the younger generation in Asia and expectedly around the world through online communities.

Cosplay was coined from two words – costume and play that became an instant hit in Japan during the mid 1980’s when a sci-fi magazine writer, Nov Takahashi wrote about the dramatic costume masquerade in a sci-fi convention in Los Angeles. This triggered a new form of artistic expression in Japan where fans donned intricate costumes humanizing their favorite Japanese animated or anime (cartoon) characters and also heroes created from the manga comics. As the trend continued, more characters from favorite video games and movies were also paraded.

Cosplayers in Japan gather not only during the semi-annual Comiket convention during summer and winter, but they hang out in parks and cafes along the busy streets of Tokyo and other Japanese cities as well where you will also find waitresses donning anime or manga costumes or in a maid costume. What makes cosplay distinct from Halloween costumes or from masquerade balls is the objective of the participant or devotee. While wearing costumes during Halloween or theme parties don’t require much fanfare and the purpose is purely to have fun, cosplay enthusiasts take on the task of preparation very seriously similar to stage play groundwork. The objective goes beyond the fun part, it extends to making the character come to life starting from the intricate costume and makeup and down to the exact body movements and even how the character speaks.

During the 1990’s, because of cyberspace and the distribution of cartoon anime to other Asian countries, cosplay slowly spread to Taiwan and China, and now the growing number of advocates have mushroomed in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines where cosplayers follow the trend in Japan. Other Western countries have caught up as well like the U.S and Canada, Spain, France & Italy in Europe as well as South American countries like Brazil and Chile. This prompted the organizing of the World Cosplay Summit in Japan where a grand competition of cosplayers from respective regional winners is held annually.

The regional 2010 Asia Cosplay Meet elimination round will be held in Malaysia in June and will be participated by representatives from Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. The top three winners will go to the regional final rounds in Singapore in July, and from there whoever wins will get the chance to compete during the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.

There is no stopping the growing number of admirers and advocates to this artistic phenomenon with the advent of internet cosplayer communities.

Find the best place to get beautiful Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes

 When we are going to a party, joining Christmas or Halloween events, it is always bothering for to decide what to wear. It is also annoying to choose gifts for holidays. For most of us, the Cheap Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes are the best choice, as they are all designed to be fashionable and unique, and some of them are even sexy and attractive. At the same time the Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes are made with carefully selected materials and they comes with soft and comfortable feel, so they will make you look more shiny and be healthy.

However, there are so many Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes in the world, and where can we get them. Don’t worry, if you search online, you will easily find a lot of them. Of course, you can also find many on facebook, google plus or twitter if you have any friends who are dealing on the communities. Another way is go to a brick and stone store and there will be a lot in each city, but the products will come with higher cost as the operating is added into it. Comparing all of these way,  the most convenient and the most economical way will be order in an online store.

Another question might be also very important. That is how to decide which Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes are the best. If you visit Zentai Suits Online Store, you will find the right one. Here the Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes are all offered with superior quality. As well there are many different styles are supplied, such as Spidermand Zentai Suits, Halloween Cosplay Costumes and Christmas Cosplay Costumes. These clothing are so amazing that they are highly recommended by a lot of people. Even they are shared on many social media.

For those people who are looking for top Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes, the Zentai Suits Online Store will show you the one that you are interested in.  In this store, you will also get some specials and free shipping for each product. If you are looking for holiday gifts for you family or friends, a beautiful and fashionable Zentai Suit or Cosplay Costume is much better than something else. I’m sure that the top quality, the most stylish designed and the most charming Zentai Suits and Cosplay Costumes will give you a great memory with you friends or family members.

Punk Lolita-The Most Fantastic Lolita Fashion

We may get astonished about the loveliness of the Sweet Lolita fashion, or we may be indulged in the elegance of the Gothic Lolita Fashion. But, how about Punk Lolita? This may be the most fantastic one full of secrets.

Punk Lolita is perhaps one of the most challenging styles of Lolita to pull-off, because it takes someone with a lot of knowledge of Lolita fashion to be able to fuse the image of a Lolita with that of the Eastern punk style.

Watch: Fashion close-up: The stars’ most revealing dresses

Punk lolita comes generally in two forms, first is an outfit that conforms to the general shape of lolita, a bell-shape skirt of knee length (or a bit shorter for this style) but without as many clean lines as the other styles. Accessories and fabric choice are very important to this style: deconstructed fabrics and fishnets are a good choice, as are chains and studs. Also layering is key to this style! A Punk Lolita outfit is not simple; wearing a studded belt over your skirt doesn’t make your outfit punk just as wearing a plaid fabric doesn’t make your outfit punk.

The second form of Punk Lolita is an outfit that has a lighter feeling than a normal punk outfit and takes considerable inspiration from the Lolita style but does not quite conform to the general shape. It is a much girlier punk outfit with frills or bows. Though skirts may not be knee length and bell shaped, they are still not skin tight and crotch length.

Makeup of course can be a bit heavier for Punk style than with the Sweet or Classic styles.

As you could probably tell it’s hard to explain the nuances of Punk Lolita and must be something you come to understand over time (or not).

Tudung Ekin – The Review

Some may have wondered why the heck I titled this short article as “Tudung Ekin”. It is actually a Malay phrase for hijab which is a head cover or head scarf worn by Muslim women all over the world. “Tudung” in this case is referring to hijab while the word “Ekin” is referring to one of the famous actresses in Malaysia. I am not here to tell you a story about a tudung belongs to that actress but rather a story of why Tudung Ekin is so popular in my beloved country Malaysia.

First of all let me tell you why is Tudung Ekin so popular in Malaysia. “Tudung Ekin” is actually referring to one type of tudung which is formerly known as “tudung awning”. The tudung has two parts; the outer part which makes up the whole body and the inner part which stands out a bit above the forehead. Due to its purpose of shading the forehead, it creates an awning-like shape and thus the name tudung awning. However, the tudung did not receive much popularity when it was first distributed in the market.

Ekin who I mentioned earlier was not that popular long time ago when she starred in few TV shows. At those times, she didn’t wear any tudung or hijab. However, when she was spotted dating with the most popular reality show singer in Malaysia, Mawi, she began to be noticed by a lot of people. Just for your information, Mawi was popular due to his wonderful voice as well as his down-to-earth personality. Apart from that, he is also popular since he is also a religious person. Many had criticized when he dated Ekin since Ekin did not wear tudung; in which situation contradicted with his personality.

After few months dating, Ekin had created a stir in Malaysia’s entertainment world by appearing in public with tudung. Coincidently, she chose the so called “tudung ekin” and somehow she looks nice and sweet with the tudung. Pictures and images of her wearing the tudung has been distributed all over the net and newspapers including entertainment magazines and eventually women flocked to garment stores to find that tudung. Unfortunately, they had no idea what does tudung called, so they only refer to it as the one worn by Ekin. From there on, tudung sellers began tagging the tudung as Tudung Ekin to make it easier for people to find it and on the other hand they could gain more profit by promoting the tudung.

The moral of the story is, well, if you do have a product to sell and named it as something unique, you might not be able to sell it efficiently. If the product is something so useful, then perhaps you won’t have to do much since the product sells itself. However, if the product is something common in the market and can easily be found, you might not be able to sell it since there are too many competitions. In this case, you have to use another marketing strategy to defeat your competitors. You have to promote it in a way that people could easily notice. For instance, you can use celebrities to promote your product either by signing contract with them to be your product ambassadors or just acting in one of your product advertisements.

In Tudung Ekin case,  the original creator has no intention of popularizing the tudung using celebrities. It was merely a coincidence when Ekin chose that tudung to wear. In other words, tudung Ekin gains instant popularity by mistake. However it does approve one thing where celebrities could create some trend in fashion whenever they appear in public with anything they wore or anything they used. If you are a serious marketer and you do have some budget, this might be your best bet to promote your product. It doesn’t matter if your product is crappy as long as you know how to market it properly. Many products out there are crappy products yet the sales are high and people keep on demanding them.

What is Hijab, Really?

Hijab is a highly misunderstood word, but it is a word that many people are interested in. If one is not Muslim, she’ll most likely have a few (or many) misconceptions about what hijab is and about why Muslim women wear it. The misconceptions range from the idea that Muslim women are forced to wear hijab, to the idea that hijab is hot and restrictive, to the idea that hijab must be comprised of a specific color or specific clothing from, typically, an eastern region.

When I try to explain to someone about what hijab really is, I like to break the word down letter by letter.

H is for Headscarf.

This may or may not be an obvious answer because some people think that proper hijab includes a face veil. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In order to properly observe hijab, a Muslim woman must ensure that her hair, neck, and bosom are completely covered, but she is free to leave her face open. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Muslim women are to cover their faces, and some would say that it’s against Islam to do so.

I is for Intentions.

What good is it to do something that you don’t believe in doing? Muslim women wear hijab primarily because we believe that God (Allah in Arabic) tells us to do so. But, we should also have good intentions behind wearing it. When wearing hijab, we should know that by doing so, we are pleasing God (hopefully), we are guarding our modesty, and we are respecting ourselves and our communities by not showing off body parts that nobody should see unless that person is our husband or very close relative.

J is for Jilbab.

Now we are getting into the clothing part of hijab. It is important to understand that hijab is not just a headscarf, it is a complete way of covering your entire body. The only parts of a woman’s body that should show are her hands, face, and some say, feet.

A jilbab is an outer garment. Contrary to popular belief, a jilbab does not describe any particular style of clothing. Rather, it describes a garment that we wear on top of our underclothes. Prophet Muhammad (may God’s peace be upon him) preferred that Muslim women and men wear two layers of clothing. In essence, if you’re wearing leggings and a tank top underneath your clothing, you can put on any other set of garments (i.e. a long dress, a shirt and pants, a jacket and long skirt, etc.) over top of that and completely meet the Prophet’s preferred method of dressing.

It is important to note, however, that while two layers of clothing is a preferred method of dressing, it is not a requirement. But if you have ever seen someone’s body-shape through their clothes (due to the lack of an undergarment), you can probably appreciate why the Prophet preferred that a person wears two layers of clothing rather than one.

A is for Attire.

Well as we stated in the paragraphs above, hijab is not just about covering your hair. It’s about the way you cover your body as well. A Muslim woman’s attire must meet four requirements primarily. 1. Her clothing must not be tight. 2. Her clothing must not be sheer. 3. Her clothing must not reveal the shape of her body. 4. Her clothing must not resemble clothing that is primarily worn by men.

If a woman meets these basic requirements and makes sure that only her face, hands, and feet are visible to outsiders, she is meeting the requirements of hijab.

B is for Beauty.

Some people would have you think that Muslim women are supposed to be completely hidden from men so that they do not attract men to them. This is not the case. A Muslim woman should not go to extremes to beautify herself, but Muslim women know that God loves beauty and so a Muslim woman can do things to make herself feel beautiful and look presentable to the outside world. She can wear clothing that is colorful (although it shouldn’t be extravagant), she can wear jewelry that pleases her (although she should make sure that her jewelry isn’t so noisy that it attracts attention), and she can use beauty products that give her a polished look. A Muslim woman should always look neat, clean, and beautiful. Not for the purpose of attracting men, but for the purpose of being a wonderful example of what a Muslim woman is and in my opinion, she will also feel uplifted in presenting herself this way.

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Boost your glamour quotient with state of the art Swiss watches

In recent days, the traditional time pieces have been pushed into the oblivion. Now both men and women are on the lookout for stylish and highly coveted Swiss watches. Due to this trend,  Swiss watches designed by premium brands such as Invicta tend to send pulses racing. Considered to be highly bold in terms of their looks and features these Swiss watches are anything but stoic. They are now considered to be an essential component of a fashionable yet a functional wardrobe. Add to that the fact that Invicta watches come in a variety of designs and styles which instantly turn any person into a darling amongst friends, peers and colleagues alike.

Keeping time becomes fun with Swiss Invicta Watches

Any Swiss watch could be compared to a piece of expensive jewellery. These watches are adorned in expensive precious metals and come embellished with precious stones such as diamonds and gemstones. What’s more, considered to be highly unique in its demeanour and functionality, it would be safe to say the Swiss watch also boasts top engineered mechanics and sophisticated details which brings an edge to even some of the most basic attire like a jeans and a top.

Style and Opulence becomes easier to afford

A number of online retailers on the net are willing to offer women’s Invicta watches at highly affordable and discounted prices. Available in a myriad of designs and styles, every Swiss watch differentiates women from others in the crowd with its highly distinctive functionality and style. In short, Invicta watches are now an affordable accessory for the budget conscious and fashion conscious women of today.

There are many websites where Swiss watches are available in different styles and price ranges. There are a number of brands of Swiss watches that are popular today. Invicta is one of the leading Swiss watch brands that serves both as a stylish piece of jewelery and as a precise time keeping wristwatch. Women can wear a variety of Swiss watches in different circumstances. Whether playing tennis or giving presentations in a corporate environment, her Swiss Invicta watch is going to turn her into a true style icon.

The Effect of Fashion on Teenagers in School

There was a time when the concept of fashion was only in the occasions. Though, it would be pointless to compare the present generation with our generation. But I can see a vast difference between the present and the older generation. Fashion is the key word for today’s teenagers. In fact, fashion reflects even in the school students. The bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves involve so much of fashion. The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact they can be good trendsetters themselves. There are many teens that invent their own styles and aim at becoming an icon among their groups.

Earlier, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people. But now the times have changed. Now, class doesn’t matter in any way on the road to becoming fashionable. In fact, everybody is fashionable these days. We can hardly see anyone on the streets who isn’t fashion conscious. One of the many factors responsible for the spread and the craze of fashion among people so much is Television. Fashion or “style” in the colloquial language can be called contagious because people get influenced by one who already is fashion conscious. Being fashion conscious not only makes you popular among your folks but also upgrades your confidence level.

Teenagers of the present times have involved themselves so much with fashion that they don’t get sufficient time for other work. Instead of reading textbooks they prefer to read fashion magazines. They try hard to imitate the models or glam faces so as to resemblance them. The time they should spend in their studies, they spend in watching programmes on TV, reading fashion articles or finding the recent trendy clothes on the web. Unlike earlier, now the teenagers do not go out with their parents on weekends, rather they plan their outings with their friends. The prime zones for outings have now become malls for most of them because they can do a lot of shopping there apart from having fun.

Earlier children used to dream of becoming Scientists, Doctors or Engineers or even teachers, but the priority and taste of the children of these days have changed. Most of them desire to be into the glamour world. They find the fashion world better than any other job. In fact, one who is not fashion conscious these days doesn’t get much importance. One who looks trendy in the first appearance takes away all the limelight.

But it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to keep a watch over their children of whether they are using much of their time in grooming themselves or in their studies. Too much of information regarding recent trends and styles block the minds of the children and distract them from their studies. Schools also should make some strict rules to avoid using fashionable accessories within the school premises. It’s good to keep yourself updated with fashion but if interferes in your academic performance and your time, it should be avoided.


In today’s world, many games have advanced in their making them unbelievably exciting. Technology has been applied to these games to make them as interesting as possible and interactive as possible. Chess too has not been left behind. Chess has been known to be a game for the great minded. It also has been known to be a game for two people battling out. Advancements in the game have made the game to involve more people. This is enabled with cosplay chess.

In today’s world, many games have advanced in their making them unbelievably exciting. Technology has been applied to these games to make them as interesting as possible and interactive as possible. Chess too has not been left behind. Chess has been known to be a game for the great minded. It also has been known to be a game for two people battling out. Advancements in the game have made the game to involve more people. This is enabled with cosplay chess.

Cosplay chess is a game that two teams battle on a human sized chess board. The players in this game take the role of the chess pieces. The game is played by a total number of 32 players. The players of the game are usually referred to as cosplayers.

Many might wonder how the game is played. The game is played out more like the wizards chess. When one refers to a battle in this game it simply means that a player of the other team has been taken down i.e his piece has been taken. When that player takes a player of another team out he or she moves to where the particular player was. Thus it’s completely like the normal chess only that the pieces happen to be human

Cute Punk Hair Style for Girls

In the world of styling and fashion there are different styles which give you fables look. So there are many hair style and ideas, when we talk about round faces we think about cute punk hair style for girls. There are different ways to get cute punk hair style for girls. You may have your cute punk hair style in short hairs or may have it in waving style. You also make it to till shoulder length and make it in to wave style to get more sophisticated look. In cute punk hair style for girls you can use different beautiful colors to spruce up your hair style.

For round and oval faces in cute punk hair style for girls short hair style is very much famous this hair style is easy to maintain and you can get it or observe it very fastly only you have to do is to cut your hair short and medium style from back and front.

Short HairstylesMany celibates like Sharon stone and Rihanna give a important role to make the hair style famous and more attractive. This hair style is quite cheaper in cute punk hair style for girl. In this style when you got a cute its like uneven bangs and give you felling that bangs are on your forehead and few of bangs are on yours sides. This hair style looks stylish and sexy. And give your lips and your eyes a nice attractive look.

An other famous cute punk hair style for girls is bob hair style with bangs. Teen agers girls like this hair style because you can do lot of thing with this cute punk hair style so this is the most popular hair style between teen agers girls. In this style hair are cut below from yours ears. There is a option you can go for straight bob or an uneven bob. For coolest look cute your hair in bob, shoulder length and give a stylish wave.

In cute punk hair style for girls there are different style and the second famous most style is cute layered hair cut. This style is for medium length, short hair style to look dashing its important that you cut hair in deep layers from chin and downwards. Whit this procedure your hair falls on the cheeks and give more attractive look and your front section is bangs and sweep them in side ways. For more stylish and coolest hair style blow dry the layers and to look more stylish curl your hair below your ears. With all this you got the finest cute punk hair style as a girl.

Cute Punk Hair Style had a history of old 80s normally round and oval shaped faces people like this type of hair style and its suite on them too. Cute punk hair style give those people beautiful and coolest look and give them different option of style to them self more stylish and more attractive among other.

How the Punk Era has Influenced Fashion
In the late 70s, a more anarchistic view was adopted by the now infamous British music manager Malcolm McLaren and his punk rock band The Sex Pistols. With spiked hair, tattered clothes, safety pins as jewellery, and a gritty street look; they created a shock factor that made them, and many other bands from their musical genre instantaneous celebrities. Along with their brash “do-it-yourself” attitude, they spoke harshly of the British class system and the subjugation of the working class.  They ultimately created an international subculture that broke down the barriers of languages and expression in both music and fashion. Even today, the punk influence is widely expressed throughout the fashion world.


Although the idea of conformity has always been scoffed upon in the punk world, individuality still reigns supreme! Keeping within the realm of brash rebellion, denim remains a staple item; and black leather with chains, zippers and studs still remain the backbone of style.  However, with the introduction of flowing fabrics and textures made of nubby tweeds, soft suede and silky blends; the pretty style of the punk revolution has emerged.

Forget the Clash.  Tailored suits, designer pantsuits, sleek dresses, silky stockings and chiffon scarves have put the posh back in the punk!

For night-time glam, the deep and rich colours of sexy red, pompous purple and melancholy black are brought back to life. While beige and navy neutrals, along with the classic stripes of the red, white and blue Union Jack influence the daytime streets. A refined look is established with the combination of structured and semi-structured silhouettes.  Softer and sleeker lines create a more refined style without losing its’ edge, or bowing down to the whims of society. A combination of regular and irregular shapes and free-flowing designs adds visual interest without creating visual overload. While draped elements, dramatic patterns and detailed openwork compliment a style that has a huge attitude and a tough resolve.

Elements of the street are still widely defined in accessories such as; ankle/mid calf high-heeled boots, opaque micro-fibre tights, designer stockings, long & dangling spiky chain earrings, crystallized purses and designer scarves. Unisex styles like boldly striped neckties, neck collars, studded leather cuff bracelets, studded belts and black/flat wedge boots creates a mass appeal for everyday wear. The finer details such as zippers, welt pockets, and cascading pieces define a unique style with a combination of subtle and dynamic accents.

The posh punk face has a clean and concise look. The eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones and lips are the main focus of attention. Black is still the colour of choice for eye defining make-up.  When blended with soft tones of grey and gold metallic eye shadow, a softer more feminine look is emphasized. Naturally coloured eyebrows must be kept clean in order to create the maximum effect.  A full or natural shaped angle is imperative to open up the eyes and emphasize their natural shape. Lips are either deep red in colour, or left natural for a no nonsense look. Drama can also be added to the cheekbones when highlighted with rouge, or softer tones of peach blush. Hair is either dynamic in style with form, asymmetrical shape and volume for a chic street style; or left naturally unshaped and free flowing.

Ultimately the posh punk look is the new chic street.  The style is bold and brash femininity, with an in your face rock star “do-it-yourself” attitude.

How can the increased scholarly study of cosplay become a benefit to education?

Combining the words “costume” and “play,” the term cosplay is evocative of a hobby that occupies one’s leisure time. While many undoubtedly participate in cosplay as a leisurely pastime, what of those who have sought to professionalize these practices? And what of the media industries who use cosplay as a promotional strategy (for example, circulating representations of cosplayers for publicity or by hiring their own cosplayers to perform at conventions)? What about cosplayers who also work in media industries, often in below-the-line positions?

When describing fandom in the context of convergence culture, I would argue that what we are really talking about is the way fan productivity gets redirected towards labor for, with, and in the media industries. However, this relationship is not seamless or symbiotic and it is far from unproblematic. Examining cosplay, not just as a cultural practice, but also as a discursive construct, allows for scholarly considerations of the more problematic aspects of participatory and convergence culture; namely, the tensions—between labor and leisure, amateur and professional—which grow out of the uneven economic and cultural relationships between the industry and fans.

Take, for example, several recent and controversial statements made by comic book artists who feel that cosplay is encroaching upon their ability to enjoy and, more importantly, conduct business at conventions. In 2012, Tony Harris posted a misogynistic Facebook rant berating female cosplayers (“Yer not Comics. Your just the thing that all the Comic Book, AND mainstream press flock to at Cons [sic]. ”) and a number of other artists have echoed this sentiment. Pat Broderick, for example, situated cosplay as a fan practice that drains, rather than sustains, the comic industry: “You bring nothing of value to the shows, and if you’re a promoter pushing cosplay as your main attraction you’re not helping the industry or the comics market.”

Denise Dorman (wife of artist, Dave Dorman), wrote an entire blog post analyzing the ‘problem’ of cosplayers encroaching on the profits of comic artists and dealers. She writes, “I have slowly come realize that in this selfie-obsessed, Instagram Era, COSPLAY is the new focus of these conventions–seeing and being seen, like some giant masquerade party. Conventions are no longer shows about commerce, product launches, and celebrating the people who created this genre in the first place.” In an unapologetic a follow up to his original post, Tony Harris similarly emphasized the work of attending conventions: “Sorry, while you Cos”Play” Im actually at work. Thats my office [sic].”

These statements are very revealing in that they suggest that professionals are differently invested (quite literally) in conventions than many other attendees. For these comic artists, conventions have always been, first and foremost, commerce-driven spaces where fans are most productive and profitable when they act like consumers. However, the restructuring of the comic industry around intellectual property driven transmedia franchises, rather than actual comics books, means that corporations increasingly profit on the free or below-the-line labor of fans and cosplayers at conventions in ways that individual artists and dealers do not. Why, then, direct this criticism at cosplayers rather than the industry giants that could easily be targeted for exploiting the labor of both comic artists and fans to maximize profits?

I believe these reactions to cosplayers at conventions boil down to two key concerns: The first is a highly problematic and gendered anxiety about the increased presence and participation of women in a space/culture that has been traditionally male dominated. The second concern is undoubtedly connected, but more expansive: the confusing status of fan productivity and labor under convergence culture infuses audiences with an aura of power and control that they simply do not possess, at least not in economic terms. This allows them to become scapegoats for sea changes in the culture that are, first-and-foremost, industrially and economically motivated.

In addition to thinking about how fans and cosplayers identify themselves within their distinctive cultural groups, we also need to consider how these identities are shaped and reframed through popular and industrial discourses. In this way, scholars and educators might be better situated to critique the power imbalances that occur when leisure activities are reconfigured by the media industries as a form of labor. Similarly, a broader understanding of production cultures might identify how audience practices such as cosplay could be understood as part of the political economy of media industries.

Hijab and Jilbab, Is It Oppresion for a Woman?

Islamic clothing items such as jilbabs and abayas that cover the body from head to toe are under constant scrutiny by feminine activists and women’s rights spokespersons. Regardless of the fact that most Muslim women choose to wear these jilbabs and hijabs, the discussions never cease.

Since, it is a much debated topic in the media the question that comes to mind, what is the Jilbab? This requires a whole article to just answer that so here is a very short attempt to answer the question. The Jilbab is a long cloak dress according to the verses of the Holy Qur’an verse (333:59) instructed to Muslim women. It is symbol of modesty, Islamic status and a defensive measure against unwarranted sexual advances by promoting self respect, dignity and honour for women.

The point that the Western world and advocates of pro choice seem to have forgotten is that less than 100 years ago, women living in European and American countries also used to wear clothes that fully covered them from the throat to the feet. It was considered vulgar and inappropriate for women to expose their bodies to any member of the opposite sex. The long trailing robes and gowns made up the entire contents of the ladies wardrobe. In addition to these gowns, it was mandatory to wear fitted pants under the gown, in order to prevent even the slightest bit of exposure during movement.

So why it that the Muslim women are is told that the jilbabs they wear are made compulsory by the male dominating Muslim society as a way to oppress them? Why was it alright for the western women to wear clothes that were acceptable to the males of their society, but a Muslim woman cannot cover herself in order to please Allah? The women do have a choice and they choose to wear jilbabs and hijabs in most cases. They select these outfits because they are the proper way of dressing prescribed by Islam.
As this debate has taken place from east to the west there has been some strong hostility for Muslim women. Hijab ban in France, Turkey and Tunisia are just a few examples that come to mind. This has not hindered the determination of Muslim women to come out more resilient. Just a simple search of Jilbab on Google will display results showing that women in the Muslim community have a lot of creativity in inventing very chic and elegant designs of Jilbab.

There is nothing about wearing Islamic clothes that can be tied to extremism. Women and men who opt to wear abayas, jilbabs, hijabs and jubbas in their lives are doing so to protect their honour and please their Allah. They are following the Sunnah of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who was the ambassador or peace and forgiveness. He was a gentle being who spread the religion Islam not by mite but by his own great deeds and actions. His teachings were of compassion and kindness and not of violence and cruelty. Therefore, the religion Islam and its way of life in no way preach this type of radicalism that is being associated with Islamic clothing articles today.

Women’s Clothing – E-Shop for Glamour Girls

Girls are so changeable… Today they like tender lilac, and tomorrow they are in love with provocative purple. Today they can’t go out without a sexy mini-skirt and high-heel shoes on, and tomorrow they choose baggy pants and comfortable sneakers and nevertheless fell comfortable in every kind of clothes… Girls love different and new clothes and can’t live a day without shopping, at least window shopping. Clothes give them opportunities to develop their unique style and personality, and, of course, to self-actualize. Except for that, shopping helps a lot of girls to cope with different kinds of stress and improve their mood, just like a chocolate bar. This is called retail-therapy, which is actually very useful from the psychological point of view.

The mot advanced fashionmongers create their own style based exceptionally on their own tastes and desires. They never try to imitate someone else’s manner to dress; they don’t copy the stuff they’ve seen in fashion magazines. Such girls love to experiment and change their image everyday. These fashionmongers don’t take the easiest path in order to create a museum-like wardrobe. Everyone can walk into a shopping mall and choose whatever he or she likes. But to find a unique masterpiece among usual stuff – that can be done only by really stylish girls.  Such a behavior doesn’t show that a person is a fashion maniac or something; this just proves that this kind of person lives a full life and pays attention to the way she looks.

Every glamour chick has her own shopping routes but very often routes of many of them meet in the virtual world – online stores. Some girls love to browse through clothes e-shops, because there they can find exclusive things no one else will have. Sometimes e-shops give an opportunity to get really unique designer dress or vintage jacket by a very discounted price – and what can be better than that for a fashionmonger. By mixing haute couture, fashion brands and casual stuff these girls create what they call their own inimitable style.

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Rock in Spanish and the Variations

Spanish is the language of 400 million people approximately! It may not have the universal appeal that English language has, but you cannot underestimate Spanish language at all. It is the second or third most-spoken language of the world!

Spanish is an Indo-European language originated in Spain and eventually became the main language of the Kingdom of Castile. Spanish spread into America, Asia Pacific and Africa between the 15th and 19th centuries with the expansion of the Spanish empire to those regions.

Spanish language and literature is quite rich and developed; you will find stories, short-stories, prose, drama and lyrics with the touch of romanticism and realism in Spanish language. Among all the elements of Spanish literature, arts and culture, music holds the center-role. Spanish music is appreciated all over the world. People of different countries listen to Spanish songs despite the language barrier. Rock in Spanish, called as Rock en Espanol in Spanish, has a huge audience across the globe.

Latin America is all about rhythm and Latin Rock is a blend of Latin American instrumental beats. Percussion, drum kit, piano etc. are the common instruments used in Latin rock.

Latin rock musicians have been showing a clear inclination to fuse cultural and linguistic culture divisions from the time it was originated. And the tradition is still going on.

Carlos Santana is said to be the father of Latin rock. Carlos created the style by the end of 1960s. However, the style underwent some changes in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Here the new style was introduced by the musicians of the time – Aterciopelados and Jaguares are two of them.

Chicano rock is a popular variant of Spanish rock. Mexican Americans are very much fond of Chicano rock. This style is mostly performed by Mexican Americans. However, there are Chicano rock singers and groups that do not even sing in Spanish language. Yet, it is considered a variant of Rock en Espanol.

Spanish rock and roll bears resemblance with the traditional rock and roll music and the culture of the land where Spanish language was originated like Cumbia, Ranchera, Rumba, Tango etc. Perhaps the rebellious approach and the use of Spanish instruments make Spanish rock and roll so popular.

Rock music of countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela are said to be the siblings of Spanish rock. The influence of Latin music, style, instruments and culture is prominent in them.

Enrique Bunbury, Luz Casal, Deluxe, Cristina Llanos and Amaia Montero are some of the Spanish rock singers and musicians whom people love to listen to. And they will carry the Rock in Spanish or Rock en Espanol to the next generation with all its beats, notes, tunes and rhythm intact.

Follow the Classic Fashion Created by the Buddy Holly Glasses

 It is likely that there is somehow blurring imprecision about Buddy Holly in many people’s minds. However, if when “the single most influential creative force in the early rock and roll” has been referred, the name and appearance of Buddy Holly must be recalled. As a pioneer of rock and roll and the famous American singer-songwriter, Buddy Holly has caused great impact on the music as well as the fashion world. Till to now, the fashions behind Bully Holly especially the Buddy Holly glasses attract increasing people’s interest and worship.

Buddy Holly Eyeglasses

As a matter of fact, Buddy Holly is a person somehow of talent but unlucky. As we all know the significant influence of Buddy Holly on the American music. To be specific, his special music style did inspire not only the contemporary but also the later development of the American music. Buddy Holly really contributed a lot to his beloved music. However, his fate was a little unlucky. His great success has only lasted for one and half year before his death. But at the same time, the individuals did not stop their respect towards Buddy Holly. As one of the first members who were respected in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. What’s more, among the Fifty Greatest Artists of All Time, Buddy Holly ranked 13th.

All these are the must vehicles to speak out the achievements Buddy Holly has gained in his life. There is no doubt that why so many people are crazy about him. Even in this day and age, a host of people desire to follow the fashion which was generated by Buddy Holly and get the similar eyeglasses that Buddy Holly worn. The Firmoo is the suggested way to get such eyeglasses. Firmoo, as one of the most welcomed eyeglasses vendors online, offers a wide rang of fashionable Buddy Holly eyeglasses among which the customers are sure to find out the ones suiting them.

Anyway, the Buddy Holly eyeglasses are the must-have for the fashionable sake. If you want to follow the fashionable style, just go and get such Buddy Holly eyeglasses from Firmoo.

The Word “hijab” in the Quran

“Hijab” is the term used by many Muslims women to describe their head cover that may or may not include covering their face except their eyes, and sometimes covering also one eye. The Arabic word “Hijab” can be translated into veil or yashmak. Other meanings for the word “Hijab” include, screen, cover(ing), mantle, curtain, drapes, partition, division, divider.

Can we find the word “Hijab” in the Quran??

The word “Hijab” appeared in the Quran 7 times, five of them as “Hijab” and two times as “Hijaban,” these are 7:46, 33:53, 38:32, 41:5, 42:51, 17:45 & 19:17.

None of these “Hijab” words are used in the Quran in reference to what the traditional Muslims call today (Hijab) as a dress code for the Muslim woman.

God knows that generations after Muhammed’s death the Muslims will use the word “Hijab” to invent a dress code that He never authorized. God used the word “Hijab” ahead of them just as He used the word “Hadith” ahead of them.

Hijab in the Quran has nothing to do with the Muslim Women dress code.

Fashion Directory for Glamorous People

 Fresh, most wanted faces and a personality to go for attracts everyone. If they are some sort of celebrity and you love their style then won’t you love to follow them? You love to search them wherever you found them- magazines, social networking websites, their favorite hangouts and many more places and things. They have such charm that just remains intact in your mind.

Earlier people do not use to get opportunity to show their talent, but today there are lots and lots of opportunities for everyone. Along with opportunity there is strong competition too. To say, there are actually many more advantages in today’s world. You need to search it out for you. For instance, you can see many more fashion magazines in India emerging. These magazines are the best platforms for the new and aspiring Indian Models. It’s the platform that helps to fulfill their dream of modeling and theatre, television and films and so on. Overall, it’s a package for the people who are interested towards the glamour industry.

It’s a great way to start one’s career if one is interested in glamour industry. Not only there are models but fashion designers in India too are here for fulfilling the dream of the models. With their creativeness, their unique ideation of fashion photography and their spark thought- a sensation in the fashion world is welcomed by them and introduced to us. Magazines are many in the market but those pages are only turned by you that just does not contain gossip but present the platform for the upcoming talent as well. The magazine that not only promotes and showcases the talent of aspiring models but fashion in India as a whole is upsurge.

In television, you are forced to watch one single channel to see the model walking down the ramp and others such as their gallery, in depth services cannot be viewed at the same time, but in internet and in magazines, in one single site and single magazine, you can open their gallery (models gallery), channels, in-depth services, you can preview the fashion services, and besides Indian models you get to see the portfolio of International male and female models.

The albums, the designer’s collections, Fashion directory presented by the fashion designers in India, work of fashion photographers, make-up artists and fashion stylists all can be found in one roof. The event galleries, feature stories, models gallery and recent news about the fashion world are all here for you to grasp the style. So, hang in and watch out your favorite stuff!

The Glamour of Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is also another famous fashion house that has been founded in 1962 by Yves Saint Laurent along with his partner, Pierre Bergév. Presently, Stefano Pilati is its chief designer.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Yves Saint Laurent was able to popularize many fashion trends like the beatnik look, tight pants paired with thigh-high, very tall boots, safari jackets and the famous classis women’s tuxedo suit in 1966 which was called Le Smoking suit. A couple of Yves Saint Laurent’s most memorable collections would include the Ballet Russes, Pop Art, Picasso and Chinese ones. During the 1920s to the 1940s, he started mainstreaming the concept of wearing silhouettes. In 1966, he was also the first who popularized ready-to-wear clothing as he attempted to democratize fashion, when he worked with Rive Gauche to open a boutique with the same name.

Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer who used black models for his catwalk shows. His muses included Loulou de La Falaise, Betty Catroux, Talitha Pol-Getty, and Catherine Deneuve all prominent personalities and famous icons. Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli, a London socialite millionaires and ambassador to the couturier in the late 1970s to the early 1980s made the brand more popular among the European jet-set as well as the upper classes.

For decades, the clothing of this fashion house has been known for having a refined and modern elegance. Many decades before Giorgio Armani even came into the fashion scene, Yves Saint Laurent clothing has already been able to glamorize for some “masculine” items like the blazer, the pant suit, tuxedo and the leather jacket to be worn by fashionable and the most stylish women.

Make School Uniform Cosplay an Irritate to Excite Your School Life

With the fast life, many people feel stressful, and are eager to seek for a certain way to excite their moon and add some interesting toner for their life. Although there are various leisure activities, but some of which couldn’t feed some people’s requirements, they hope an entertainment activity completely bringing out them to be another favorite characters and making them feel immersed with the wondrous sense. With these strong desire, costume play, a type of leisure activity providing opportunity for anyone who want to personate the favorite anime or video game character, is leading one of the biggest trends amongst leisure activities. Cosplay role playing bring the virtual world into reality and make people forget anything frustrating in real life and enjoy the fun.

When starting role playing, first is character that you should choose you love and can show your personal traits. Cosplay school uniforms must be collections you should be pay attention to. All the while, these styles are loved by both male and female anime aficionados because of awakening some memories and adding a flavor of youth to the total look. Some girls and boys wore school cosplay uniforms presenting us with innocent and cute look of students.

Different from other cosplay uniforms, cosplay school uniforms is relatively simple and natural without too complicated accessories. Generally, a white shirt plus a colored skirt is a overall outline of school uniform cosplay. Small bowtie or oversized bowknots are usually put on the front. Colors used in cosplay school uniforms are more refreshing such white, blue, pink, but also some dark colors such as purple, and black.

Some of characters in manga and anime, who wear cosplay school uniforms, many bring you inspiration such as haruhi suaumiya mizuhara wearing a white shirt matching blue skirt with blue V-neck collar, cardcaptor sakura kinomoto wearing outfits composed of black shirt and white ruffled skirt. Otherwise, each character of sailor moon must leave deep impression on you with their various cosplay school uniforms. Actually, you don’t have to choose a certain character to be imitated. Cosplay school uniforms are freer, and you can design your own style.

Let’s Go Metallic and Rock with Gucci Icon Bit Medium Shoulder Bag

In the Fall/Winter 09 season, the metallic and rock style comes back, even features heavier while with a more sexy look. It is definitely one flattering trend, I’m sure. Since the metallic look can work for all skin tones, it is instantly popular worldwide.

The soul of rock elegance must be the visual effection. While, since it is still one of the style of rock, it is neccessary to keep rock look. Vision or rock, which one should be taken special care? This season, on the base of rock elements, the visual appearance is greatly promoted. Tough rocker chic with metal studs looks extremely pleasing to the eyes and stand out. What’s more, it features a more feminine and sexy way.

Sparkling Keywords:
studs, paillettes, zippers, metallic buckles, black metal, patent leather
Rock Keywords:
black leather, tights, high-heels, tassels, few or none colors
Matching Tips:
Silver or gold, both are OK. While can not appear at the same time.
Elegant rock means thin high-heels look, instead of the flat Heel martens footwear.
Do not be shimmering from the top to the toe.

I found most Gucci Fall/Winter collection including Gucci handbags and Gucci ready-to-wear are very inspiring, and filled with metallic and rock look, especially the following Icon Bit Medium Shoulder Bag with shiny leather and glitterling finishes. Apparently, it is decorated with with horsebit detail, D ring detail, and studs.
The gorgeous ruthenium hardware found on this piece allows comfortable wear through your gold or silver toned jewelry’s, so you can gladly put an end to the need to match your handbags hardware to your style. Both shoulder and across the body leather straps are conveniently found on this Gucci new collection as well. It has zip around closure with horsebit detail and spacious interior including zip, mobile phone, and pda pocket. If you’re in search of a perfect metallic bag, this one might be your smart choice.

What are your thoughts on metallic and rock look? Would you wear the trend?

Where To Get Rockstar Clothing

What you can do is to start at the very simple things, such as getting that rock star look. Rock stars are fashionable. They have their own trademarks and signature styles that make women love them and men admire them. if you want to be a rock star, you have to live like one. And what better way to start living like a rock star than to look and dress like in rock star clothes. But if you are still clueless on where you can get rock star clothing, you can get ideas from the following list.

* Online shops that sell unique clothes and other clothes, used or new, should be your first stop. You can buy clothes that are very unique and one of a kind in reasonable prices. It is also very convenient because you can shop at home, especially if you are busy with your gigs, practice, or other activities. You should prepare a shipment fee. You can buy costumes, wigs, regular tees and jeans, shoes, and other rock star paraphernalia that you can imagine.

* You should also visit thrift shops or second hand stores. Usually there are very unique pieces in these shops and that is what you are aiming to achieve. You can buy retro and vintage clothing from the 60s, 70s, and 80s at a very low price. They are also hard to find. There is a very slim chance that there is another person wearing the same clothes. You can buy printed or graphic tees or bold patterns and colors. You can mix and match clothes that you buy from these shops. Make sure to look at all the clothes closely so that you will see if there are damages.

* Go to your attic and rummage through the boxes piled up in one corner. These are treasure troves of unique vintage finds. Your mom and dad must have some cool clothes that you can still use now. Just be creative and do not be afraid to experiment.

* If you have the money, you can go to clothes shops in the mall. for females, you can buy graphic baby tees or baby doll tops or skinny jeans or stilettos in your favourite boutiques. Males are easier to dress. Just a pair of ratty jeans, some fit t-shirts, and matching shoes should complete the whole rock star look.

How To Wear Men’s Blazers In 2013

In times past, blazers were mainly worn by public school students and Oxford undergrads. But today, the humble blazer has undergone a huge revolution, transforming into one of the biggest men’s fashion statements of 2012.

Thanks to its refined tailoring and versatility, this trend looks set to continue well into 2013. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Here’s a quick guide to why men’s blazers deserve their new fashionable status, along with a few tips on how to wear them.

Why a blazer beats a coat

While men’s coats often prioritise function over style, blazers offer protection from the elements as well as an effortless sense of fashion. That’s not to say they should be worn in a blizzard – instead, they offer the perfect form of outerwear for spring and autumn, when the weather is in a transitional phase. Better still, they’re also suitable for wearing indoors, as an alternative to a cardigan or jumper.

Another great thing about blazers is that they suit men of all shapes and sizes. Paired with fitted trousers, they highlight the lean shape of tall and slender men without over-emphasising a slim frame. Shorter men too benefit from the fine tailoring of a good blazer, because they help to define the upper body and make legs look longer. Men with a square or stocky frame, on the other hand, should pair a blazer with an open-collared shirt for a flattering smart-casual look.

Ways to wear a blazer

If you’re looking for a blazer to wear to the office, concentrate on serious colours like navy blue, brown or black. Pair with fitted chinos, a collarless shirt and brogues for an easy smart look that’s not too formal. For a more laid-back office vibe, swap the shirt for a crisp white t-shirt and wear boat shoes instead of brogues.

For a casual outfit that oozes contemporary style, look for men’s blazers made from jersey. Choose a block colour and pair with a striped or gingham top for a striking informal statement. To add a dash of colour to a cocktail party, go for blazers in bright colours like emerald green, mustard or electric blue. Coloured blazers are a great way to liven up formal events that don’t specify a black-tie dress code.

That said, blazers are appropriate for weddings too. Try switching your suit jacket for a tweed or velvet blazer and pair with your usual suit trousers and a tie or a bow-tie. Tailored blazers go well with kilts too and are a stylish alternative to the traditional Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket. Or make an elegant statement at a summer wedding with a pin-striped blazer and crisp white trousers.

What Are Ethical Hair Extensions?

Learn the True and Ethical Cost of Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can give you a beautiful head of hair. However, some ethical questions surround the procurement of hair used to create them.

Hair extensions are a relatively simple way to add volume to thinning hair, cover small bald spots or add inches to your hair with amazing results. However, some negativity surrounding hair extensions has surfaced in recent years regarding the unethical origin of human hair used in some hair extensions.

“Any hair that is willingly given is ethical. Hair that is taken from people against their will or without knowing the reason behind it, I consider to be unethical,” explains Ron King, L”Oreal Professionnel stylist and spokesman, owner of Bo Salon in Austin and creator of Invisi-Tab Hair Extensions.

Is the hair in your hair extensions harvested ethically?

In 2004, the deputy director of Moscow’s Center for Prison Reform reported that wardens were shaving prisoners heads and selling the hair to earn extra money. And the practice isn’t just reserved for prisons. Over the past decade, several stories have circulated about hair being taken from asylum patients, from children and even from the dead.

In Hindu society, many men, women and children sacrifice their hair in the tonsuring process at least once in their lives as an offering to the deities. Tonsure in the Hindu culture serves multiple purposes in various ceremonies as a symbol to show one’s love for the gods. In some temples, visitors shave their heads in or nearby the temple of the god they are visiting. It’s oftentimes used to show that the person is washing away his or her past sins and starting anew. To the donors, this is a very holy event where they give thanks or ask for a blessing. What happens to the hair next, however, can be considered unethical. The cut hair is collected at temples, sold to hair brokers and then exported to hair extension distributors in the United States and Europe.

In some instances, it can be argued that this type of hair procurement is not entirely unethical. Several hair extension companies secure their hair through the tonsuring process but then funnel a portion of the money back to the temples and into the communities to fund hospitals, orphanages, schools and other charities. Nevertheless, there should be some social responsibility and transparency in the process. After all, the people donated hair in honor of their god — they didn’t donate it to create hair extensions.

Unregulated, untraceable and unethical hair extensions

Many hair dealers throughout the world who collect, bundle, process and resell human hair refuse to discuss where the hair comes from. Whether it’s from underage girls in Russia, unknowing women in India or even corpses, it is impossible to know when dealing with unscrupulous people. The working conditions, as well as the cleaning and inspection procedures, of the middleman hair traders also have been called into question. Therefore, some hair extension distributors have cut out the middlemen completely and instead process the hair in-house at their own facilities. These companies use only ethically sourced hair that is traceable.

Many hair extension suppliers have developed ethics policies and guidelines for all their business practices. They work only with organizations that meet a set of ethical standards to ensure no exploitation or other unethical acts are committed.

“The industry is not regulated,” says Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist and hair loss treatments provider in NYC. “Therefore it is imperative to trust your salon and stylist and be confident that they are working with a reputable supplier.”

All hair used in hair extensions should be donated willingly, with the donor (or donating organization, such as the temple) receiving a fair and reasonable sum. And though many hair extension companies are adopting ethics policies, reportedly only about 25 percent of the hair imported into the United States is from known ethical sources. Before going to the salon for a headful of extensions, talk to the stylists about what kind of hair extensions they use. Research the distributor and learn more about where and how the hair is procured.

Benefits of Becoming an Electrical Engineer

In such a challenging economy, people have begun to place as much emphasis on happiness as they have with salary when considering a career. With so few high-paying jobs available, many believe that if they are going to be paid less, they should at least be spending their time doing something they enjoy. Sometimes, though, one is able to find a career that provides significant financial stability along with enjoyable perks. One of these positions is that of an electrical engineer.

The term ‘electrical engineer’ is really an umbrella phrase to cover a wide range of jobs, such as: power engineer, control engineer, electronic engineer, microelectronic engineer, signal processing engineer, telecommunications engineer, instrumentation engineer and computer engineer.

First and foremost, engineers are paid well. While it may be a rigorous course load while in school, many would say that it pays off – and then some – upon receiving a job. Engineers usually receive the highest salary of all other academic disciplines.

In addition to financial stability, the position of engineer is a prestigious one. Engineers are well-respected members of society who are often viewed as noble and intelligent for their scientific advancements and breakthroughs. Electrical engineers are often hired to oversee other workers such as electricians, computer programmers, scientists, and even other engineers.

People with high-paying jobs often complain of the lack of mental stimulation that comes along with their position. Engineering is very different, however. Engineering allows for daily creative thinking and problem solving while at work. Engineering, at its core, is a creative art that requires inventiveness, a willing to discover and question what has already been accepted as finite. Being an electrical engineer allows for the stability and day-to-day comfortable atmosphere of a long-term career while providing the mental-stimulation and gratification of an artist.

Along with financial stability and intellectual stimulation, the field of engineering also allows for a wide variety of career opportunities and a professional environment. Additionally, engineers have a wide range of what they might consider an office. Electrical engineers can work anywhere from a fabrication plant, something so commonplace as the offices of a consulting firm, or even something as exotic as a mine.

To become an electrical engineer one must first obtain their bachelor’s degree, followed by professional certification by a professional body such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or the Institution of Engineering and Technology. These organizations provide a standard of skill, conduct and ethics by which an electrical engineer must adhere.

Hong Kong General Strike in 1925

Hong Kong General Strike in 1925

Hong Kong general strike in Guangzhou, the Hong Kong manufacturing workers against imperialism, “Divergence” tragedy, support the people of Shanghai, held anti-imperialist struggle and the political strike.

The strike is under the direct leadership of the ACFTU, organized, and prepared to be held. “Divergence” tragedy occurred, the CPC Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions School District and in the summer of Deng, Yang Yin, Su Zhaozheng, Lin Weimin, Li Qihan and others to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Shamian union concessions and the masses of workers went on strike preparations.

Trade Unions in Hong Kong to the British Hong Kong Government made solemn request conditions: (a) support and adhere to the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Union of the 17 conditions, including the withdrawal of foreign embassies and the armed forces, etc; (b) of the Chinese in British Hong Kong authorities to ensure freedom of assembly, association, speech and other freedoms and rights. The British failed to respond to the above requirements.

June 19, 1925, the Hong Kong Seamen, tram workers, printing workers strike first, followed by workers in other industries have to respond, the number of strikers reached 25 million people. Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of declared support for “Divergence” tragedy of the 17 proposed conditions and the implementation in Hong Kong for the British imperialist policy of discrimination in the Chinese put forward the “political freedom, legal equality, universal suffrage, labor legislation to reduce the rent, freedom of residence, “the six requirements. There are more than 10 million workers and others, led by Su Zhaozheng back to Guangzhou. Guangzhou British, American, Japanese and Western companies Shamian concession workers also joined the ranks of the strike.

June 23, accompanied by striking workers back to Guangzhou, Guangzhou, workers, peasants, students, and revolutionary soldiers, a total of 10 million people held demonstrations. When the procession through the Chaki Street, in the sand surface in Britain, France and other imperialist soldiers suddenly opened fire on the procession and mass, parked in sand near the masses of imperialist warships have bombarded the procession, killing 52 people, More than 170 people injured, numerous minor injuries, and this is the famous “Shaji Massacre.”

After the massacre, the country people are extremely angry, and actively support the Hong Kong general strike. Federation of Trade Unions to strengthen the leadership of the strike, held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, the sand of the Trade Union Congress, set up a Hong Kong general strike committee, was elected chairman Su Zhaozheng of Finance chairman, Deng-Hong Kong strike committee of any summer caucus secretary, consultants and workers picket discipline long. The use of a strike committee, rejected the British goods, blocked three powerful weapon in Hong Kong and the fight against British imperialism, and more than 2,000 workers formed armed pickets, stationed at all ports, tight blockade of Hong Kong. Traffic cut off, plant shutdown, shops closed, supply difficulties, soaring prices, no one to clean garbage and fecal, Hong Kong became a “stinking Hong Kong,” “hungry, Hong Kong”, “dead in Hong Kong.”

Under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the majority of striking workers united and actively participate in the struggle against imperialism and warlords, the unity of the revolutionary base areas in Guangdong to make an important contribution to become a strong pillar of the revolutionary government of Guangzhou. The summer of 1926, the Revolutionary Government apprenticeship Northern Expedition, composed of thousands of transport workers on strike teams, publicity team, medical team, reward teams to the front, striking workers and workers in the mass pickets guarding the rear, March to victory in the Northern Expedition to provide a strong guarantee. In the same year in October, the CPC Guangdong Province, Hong Kong District and to changes in the strike committee, announced an end to the strike. Hong Kong general strike which lasted 1 year and 4 months, the longest in the world labor movement in the history of a strike.

Hong Kong general strike, not only politically but also economically a heavy blow to British imperialism. According to statistics, since the strike, the average monthly losses of British imperialism of 2.1 billion. This strikes a heavy blow to imperialism, to consolidate the revolutionary base areas and to prepare the Northern Expedition, Guangdong played a significant role.

Swing Time: The Pinata at your Quinceanera

Vive el pinata! As a little girl, you might have had a pinata at your birthday celebrations and possibly even at other special times. Now it’s a great way for your Quinceanera guests to have a little old-school fun. Pinatas can make a great activity for just the small children at your fiesta, a special little bit of competition for your chambelanes (or damas!) and even something the whole crowd can enjoy.

Pinatas has grown with the times, too, becoming more elaborate and stylish as audiences grow more sophisticated. They’re not just shaped like burros anymore, either! The latest and most fashion-forward pinatas can meet a variety of Quinceanera celebration motifs. Some pinata manufacturers make pinatas of everything from dragonflies to elephants. One pinata artist even built a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! The history of the pinata Pinatas have a long and elegant tradition steeped in the celebrations of everyday people. The pinata started in Mexico, and may date back to the ancient Aztec empire. The earliest kinds were probably clay pots built to please the rain god Tlaloc, and were filled with water rather than candies or toys. Another version has the first pinatas built to appease the war god Huitzilopochtli. As Mexico gradually converted to Catholicism, these rituals were phased out but the pinata remained as a fun way to celebrate festivals and special events.

More recently, the pinata became popular in the United States during the early 1980s. Many American grocery stores and party supply outlets still carry them on a regular basis.

What kind of pinata is right for you? The ideal pinata will express and accent your Quinceanera celebration theme or design motif. This can be accomplished with its shape or even just by having a matching color scheme.

You might want to specialty order you pinata if you’d like something a little unusual than what’s available in local stores. Mexican grocery stores may carry something a little more off the beaten path. There are also stores in Mexico and Central America, called pinaterias, that sell their merchandise online.

Do you have to break the pinata? Actually, no you don’t! A new kind of pinata called a pull-ribbon pinata allows you to keep the custom pinata as a souvenir of your Quince celebration. The pinata is rigged with several ribbons, which guests pull. Only one ribbon will pull a trap door set inside the pinatas bottom, however. When the ribbon is pulled, the gifts inside rain down – but the pinata itself is safe and in one piece.

The pull-ribbon technique is a great alternative for children playing indoors, and for older Quince fiesta guests who might not feel comfortable swinging a stick. And of course, it saves the pinata itself. You can modify any pinata to the pull ribbon approach in just a few short steps, too.

Censorship On Magazines And Periodicals

There is just as much variety in magazines and periodicals as there is creativity to come up on with ideas for publications. Magazines and periodicals covers interests ranging from political, business, trade, auto, electronics, computer, fashion, sports, travel, adult and many more. Some magazines and periodicals are more daring than others. Even with sluggish economy, magazines and periodicals are still selling either in print form or on the Internet. Consumers worldwide are never short of choice of magazines and periodicals.

Censorship On Magazines And Periodicals

However, having said that, freedom of speech is not without censorship. There are magazines, periodicals, books and other publications that are on banned. Throughout history and in several countries, books, magazines and periodicals have either been banned or have had to go underground. We expect to see censorship in dictatorships and harsh political regimes, but in the West we are most often under the illusion that free speech is exactly there. This is not the case for magazines and periodicals, except that the West are always questioning where do their fundamental rights to free speech end. They would make public their views to question where do the government and other ruling authorities have the right to intervene and take their rights away.

Censorship In The West

In United States serious hardcore magazines and periodicals have been banned from public viewing. For example, Steve Blush’s “The American Hardcore A Tribal History” has been banned in Colorado state prisons. Texas State Prison system has also banned several books, magazines and periodicals. Canada has banned several magazines and periodicals in rent decades.

The counterculture in North America had its heyday in the 1960’s and 70’s with several underground publications. The Realist for example, spoke out on political issues of the day. However, they ran into financial difficulty and ceased publication in the 1970’s. The UK had several publications also mostly defunct today.

Making Their Voices Heard

The aim of censorship is to limit public access especially in schools and libraries. Some of these bans were successful and the magazines and periodicals were taken off the market but some still remained. Some publications that offer a different voice have been forced to go underground. Often times these publications are anti government or anti establishment and are illegal. Yet there is still a segment of the population that is willing and ready to read them. Two Underground publications from Canada are: The Underground Press, from Snow Lake, Manitoba and The Georgia Straight from Vancouver, British Columbia. The Village Voice, an alternative weekly magazine, is arts oriented and speaks out on certain issues as well. This magazine is still publishing.

American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expansion publishes magazine and highlights expositions and events on banned books in the West at their website. Random House Inc also produces a free educational magazine with theme on Censorship and banned books. Censorship is always a fundamental issue at the heart of democratic freethinking societies.

For More Information On Magazines And Periodicals

There are internet sites and publications out there giving great information about magazines and periodicals and how they can influence your life. There are also free eBooks explaining how magazines And periodicals can be of benefit to our everyday lives. These sources offer good advise on magazines and periodicals that are worth your time to read and keep for a long time. some sites even provide comprehensive directory listings on magazines and periodicals with extensive explanation on the different categorization of magazines and periodicals. Spending some good efforts on these areas can definitely go a long way to help us become better informed readers.

The Right Clothes for Men Medical School Interviews and USMLE Review Sessions

Like it or not, the clothes you wear to various related medical school interviews invite snap judgments that are hard to overcome, no matter how well you acquit yourself as a conversationalist and thinker. How many speakers, lecturers, and professors can you mention that repeats the same set of clothing during your class sessions? Even the USMLE review attendees are very observant – they can tell who and what day a specific blouse had been worn. It is just human nature to judge people according to what they wear on certain situation and occasions. Observation is one skill that most aspiring and well-experienced doctors can do very well. Practice makes perfect and it is best to start dressing up like a professional even during USMLE review sessions.

Gold chains or pinkie rings alone may screen out a male before a word is spoken and a female wearing pink patterned hose is also jeopardizing her chances. Dark or neutral colors, natural fabrics, appropriate footwear in tip-top shape, and the judicious use of scent combine to make a positive impression virtually anywhere. Below are the best interview clothing choices:


  • Suits. Unless you’re interviewing in a field where a suit would look out of place, wear one. At most places, an open-collar shirt and jacket may be fine for day wear down the line, but not when you need to make a good first impression. Natural fabrics in solid dark blue or grey suggest authority and quality, while all but the most subtle of patterns are risky. Also make sure your suit hasn’t got out of style: three-piece suits were the fashion in the Eighties but would not look so spiffy today. In any case, it must be perfectly clean and pressed, spots and wrinkles leave a poor impression. This does not apply to USMLE review sessions of course, but keep your casual outfit clean and you are good to go.
  • Shirts. As a rule, the simpler the better in conservative environments – no bright colors, no patterns, no French cuffs, no monograms. White or pale blue are preferred choices for color and you can’t go wrong with a 100 per cent cotton fabric – preferably laundered with medium starch.
  • Ties. In general, now is not the time to use your tie as an expression of your individuality. To play it safe, choose the traditional silk tie in relatively muted colors and patterns like foulard, stripes, paisley, or solid. It may also be wise to avoid ties with images and designer logos.
  • Socks. These are easy. Choose a color that coordinates with your suit, usually black, dark gray, dark brown, or dark blue and make sure they’re long enough not to expose bare skin when you’re sitting or crossing your legs.
    Shoes. Wing-tips or slip-on dress shoes in black or brown leather are the classics. Avoid any dress shoes with thick rubber soles. As important as the style is the condition. Shoes should be newly polished and heels should not be visibly worn down.
  • Jewelry and Cologne. With either of these optional accessories, less is more. Limiting jewelry to a wedding band is the safest choice. As for cologne, splashing on too much can be the kiss of death. Confine any scent to a subtle aftershave, used sparingly.

    Yes, dressing is personal and a way of expressing yourself, but clothing yourself for a job interview often requires a measure of compromise, especially in traditional medical fields. Even if the medical profession is of the type known for breaking the mold, traditional dress code included, you’ll need to sharpen up – a jacket or tie need not be from Brooks Brothers to look smart and in good taste. As I have said, practice makes perfect so get used to being snappy even during USMLE review sessions.


Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is difficult but not undoable, and here are some tips as to how to make it work:

1. Have a common goal.
You and your lover are not going to be in a long distance relationship forever. Sooner or later, you will settle down, so plan for your future together. When will both of you settle down? How long will you both be separated? These are questions that must be answered even if you are both living in different cities to ensure that both are you are working towards the same direction.

2. Set rules.
Rules are required to avoid unnecessary arguments. Both of you need to know the do’s and don’ts: can you date someone else or are you two exclusive? Is it okay for you to go for a drink with that hot girl in your office? Is it okay for her to go clubbing in that body hugging low cut dress that will make every guy drool? Set the expectations straight.

3. See it as an opportunity.
Simply put, be positive about it. Remember the law of attraction. If you are constantly thinking to yourself, “long distance relationship will not work”, then chances are you are right: it won’t work. Believe in yourself and your partner. Open your mind and your heart and see it as a journey.

4. Do similar things.
Read the same books, watch the same movies and listen to the same songs so you have more things to talk about. You can even watch Game of Thrones together while being on Skype video call and enjoy your girlfriend’s reactions to the bloody scenes.

And the next time you try to be funny by going “Hodor, Hodor, Hodor” in the middle of a video chat, she’ll laugh.

5. Communicate regularly, and creatively.
“Good morning” and “good night” texts are mandatory; so are regular “I miss you” and “I love you” but no matter how sweet these messages are, if these are the only messages you send, your other half is bound to get bored. Be creative. Surprise her with an audio clip of “I love you” in Japanese (“Aishiteru”), a video of you singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” or a picture of you blowing a kiss in the direction of the camera.

6. Know each other’s schedules.
Keep each other updated of your schedule. You don’t want to call her when she is in the midst of a meeting and you won’t want to be disturbed with a call when you’re sleeping. Always bear in mind of the different time zone if you two are living in different countries, and take note of important dates like exams, presentations and meetings.

7. Social media helps.
Stalk your significant other. Like each other’s Instagram photos. Reply each other’s Tweet. Comment on each other’s blog posts. Share funny videos on each other’s Facebook wall. Little things like this show that you care.

8. Give each other a personal object.
Give her your favorite Batman figurine. Ask for her Teddy Bear. None of us have a perfect memory and that’s where memento comes in. It helps us remember and helps us survive tough times. When your girlfriend is depressed because of her work yet cannot contact you due to different time zone, she might look at your Batman figurine and laugh as she recalls how you mimic Batman’s voice.

9. Snail-mail
Postcards and love letters please, gentleman. It’s old school but it’s never out of fashion, and girls of all times love it. Send gifts – Birthday, Valentine, Christmas, anniversary, and any other festive season that you can think of. It can be something as normal as perfume, or naughty gifts like sexy lingerie, if you are trying to drop her a subtle hint that you can’t wait to settle down.